Inspiring Arabic Baby Names

Arabic Baby Names

Choosing your baby’s name can be an extremely difficult task. There will be multiple suggestions and ideas coming from all your family members and peers, which will make the whole situation even more difficult.

Being a new mom and dad is a hectic job; there will be sleepless nights and joyful moments as well. But the difficulties in responsibilities will increase; one of the difficult tasks will be selecting the most appropriate name for your child or children.

A name is going to be with your child forever; hence selecting a name that will represent them and, most importantly, becomes a part of their identity throughout their life is very important.

Choosing Arabic baby names can be difficult, especially when you are not aware of the meanings. Here is a list with some inspiring Arabic boy names and Arabic girl names from where you can select the perfect one for your kid.

Arabic boy names:

Aabid: the person who worships Allah.

Aabidullah: the person who worships Allah.

Haider: someone as fierce as the lion. 

Aabis: name of multiple companions of the Prophet. The one with the fierce face.

Aadil: a person is acting with justice and fairness. A person with a beautiful character.

Fahad: Leopard.

Faisal: appropriate ruler.

Aafiq: the person who has reached the epitome of grace, knowledge, and generosity.

Irfan: someone who is wise.

Aaiz: something beautiful gifted from Allah to replace something else.

Aakif: the one who dedicated himself to Allah.

Kashif: discoverer.

Junaid: warrior. 

Aalif: someone who is compassionate, kind, and friendly.

Imran: powerful nation.

Laraib: someone who is always correct, faultless.

Aamir: a person with a long and prosperous life. 

Aaqil: someone who is wise, sensible, and reasonable.

Mohsin: someone who is always helpful.

Nadeem: a companion.

Arabic girl names:

Aabida: one who worships Allah.

Nabila: a noble lady

Aadila: one who is just and fair.

Nashwa: euphoria.

Aafira: a person who gives water to seed for the first time.

Qadira: someone who is full of power.

Salma: someone who holds a high status.

Aaizah: something beautiful gifted from Allah to replace something else.

Aakifah: a woman who has dedicated her life to Allah.

Layla: lady of the night.

Aalifa: someone who is compassionate, friendly, and kind.

Aameen: Mighty Allah, accept my prayer.

Ishtar: the goddess of love.

Aameenah: Mighty Allah, accept my prayer.

Jameela: gorgeous.

Elham: someone who inspires.

Aamira: the one who is prosperous, full of life.

Zeinab: a flower in the desert.

Aqilah: someone who is wise, sensible, and reasonable.

Tips on selecting the appropriate name for your baby

Here are a few points you can keep in mind to narrow down your options and ultimately come up with a name that is the best one for your child.

  • Don’t go with the trends. It is not needed to follow the trends happening with the names, especially if you want your child to have a unique name. by following the trends, you will end up naming your child with something very generic. Hence to give a unique name, make sure you give a pass to the trends.
  • Look up in your family tree for inspiration. You can check the names of your great-grandmother or grandfathers and the ancestors to take inspiration for your child’s name or simply add their name as a middle name.
  • Choose something relevant. You definitely don’t want your child to be embarrassed of their name, so select something that is relevant and emphasizes their character when they grow up.

These are some of the tips which can effectively guide you in your journey of selecting the best baby names.