Home Theatre System: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

A blockbuster movie, a football match, or a popular TV show is all you need to spend a lazy weekend evening with your friends and family together and have a blast. And what you need to watch all of them and enjoy to the fullest extent? A high-quality home theatre system, of course.

The good news is you can find the one based on your need. There are countless variations – starting from the top of the line models where you can actually see the tiniest detail and hear the sound of silence to the most inexpensive variants that will be ideal for a small bedroom, and yet able to knock anyone’s socks off.

Important Aspects You Need To Know Before Investing In A Home Theatre System

But before that, let’s understand the most basic question – what exactly are home theatre systems?

To put it simply, a TV or a screen and projector set, and a separate audio system together completes a home theatre system. More than visual components, it’s actually the audio system that does the real magic here; hence that’s what the most crucial part when it comes to choosing the right home theatre system. Below are the components you will need for a complete experience:

  • A screen along with a projector or a TV
  • A source of video to play on the screen (it can be your dish connection or cable signal or a Blu-ray or DVD player)
  • A receiver box (it’s the part where all connections meet)
  • A speaker set which may include both left and right speakers (two forward plus two rear, a total of four units), a centre one, speaker dedicated to Dolby Atmos feature, and a subwoofer set (one or two units)

Let’s now have an in-depth look at the important factors that join together to create a great home theatre experience to help you select the right components.

1. Your TV Can Make Or Break It

Y our TV plays a key role in this, if you are willing to install a modern home theatre system, then it’s important that your television must support the system. We are suggesting this since if you haven’t experienced 4K HDR content, you are missing something very extraordinary. Also, it will come with all the latest connection ports, which will make it future-proof.

2. The Room

Home theatres come with speakers of all sizes. Generally speaking, here the norm is the bigger your speakers are, the better sound they create. However, that’s not true in every case. You will find some medium or even small speakers from a couple of top brands that make serious heart-pumping audio despite their relatively smaller sizes. Now the point is, you must choose speakers according to the dimensions and design of your room. If you are buying a massively powerful speaker set and your room is kind of small, you are not going to like the experience, trust us.

3. Easy To Install

Again, it depends on your preference. People like the home theatre system to be easy to set up and easy to carry to be able to shift the whole system in other rooms or places. But that doesn’t mean that they want to compromise on the quality and features. In that case, you want to go for models that come inside a box already assembled with all the components you need. However, such convenience will cost you in terms of quality. Surely you will enjoy a fantastic home theatre experience, but chances are you won’t find anything mindblowing.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure that you surf through all the possible options of home theatre system before making a purchase. Also, a good home theatre system will be expensive. Hence, you must make a comparison of the different types and then buy the one.