Great Fashion Styling Tips For your Child

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Dressing and styling children can be hard work to say the least. Some children are relatively care-free when it comes to clothing and are happy to wear whatever items of clothing you put their way. However, this is not the case for all children as some are particularly fussy or are just hard to buy for. Either way, as a parent you presumably want your child to be dressed and styled well. If this applies to you then this article is just for you! Read on to learn some helpful, handy and practical tips that you can use to style your child. 


  • Ask them what they like 


First and foremost, in order to style your child to the best of your ability and in a way that not only complements them, but also makes them feel comfortable in the clothes that they are wearing, you must ask them what they like to wear and what feels comfortable for them. There is no point investing time and money into some clothes or an outfit that they do not like and so will not wear. Also, presumably you want to empower your child and wish for them to feel comfortable and confident. So, simply ask them. Of course, depending on the age of your child asking them will be more or less practical and/or relevant. However, if your child is old enough to express themselves effectively and clearly, when you buy clothes and outfits for them, ask them how they feel about and in it. 

Also, since you are their parent, you already know or should know what things your child likes, so cater to those likes. For instance, if your child is a fan and lover of Star Wars, then buy them Star Wars t-shirts, as this will likely make them not only happy, but also confident and happy. 


  • Comfort over style


As briefly mentioned above, what is of most important is that your child feels comfortable in what they are wearing. So, while that suit and tie may look incredibly stylish, does your one-year old baby feel comfortable in it? Of course, this is just an example. However, it serves to illustrate that comfort is key when it comes to styling your children.


  • Dress for the weather 


This may seem obvious, however, dressing your children for the appropriate weather is essential. There are many different ways to dress children, such as toddlers, for the weather. For instance, if it is cold outside then you must lay on light layers (i.e., put your child into multiple layers of warm and comfortable clothing). 

You could, for example, start off with a light vest top, then a shirt, jumper and finally coat. The key here is to be light – you do not want you child to feel the weight of many thick layers as this will likely cause more harm than good (your child will likely be very uncomfortable if you go too heavy with the layers).