Common Garage Door Repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs

Depending on your garage door type, you may need to perform several repairs. Torsion springs and photo-eye sensors are some of the most common components that need repair. Broken tracks and rollers are also common problems. If you have any of these problems, contacting Seattle garage door repair company is the best place to start. They can help you diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable repair.


Torsion Springs

A torsion system uses a spring that is wound very tightly and inside the shaft. The spring is tightly held by a central plate attached to a drum with grooves. The drum is attached to the bottom bracket by a lifting cable. When the door is closed, the spring holds the system’s energy. If the spring breaks, the entire system will break, creating much noise.


Photo-eye Sensors

The first step in fixing a photo-eye sensor is to identify the problem. If the sensor has stopped working, it may be because it has been moved or is damaged. You can clean the sensor to restore its light and function if this is the case. Then, adjust the pivot bracket to keep the sensors in proper positions. Finally, you should carefully adjust each lens to match the other to fix a malfunctioning photo-eye sensor.


Broken Track

If your garage door is stuck in the same position, it is time for a garage door repair. Broken tracks are one of the most common garage door repairs and can cause a lot of damage. If the tracks are bent or broken, you must replace them immediately. Otherwise, the door will become dangerous to use. Broken tracks can be caused by some factors, including a vehicle accident. Broken tracks can also be caused by worn parts and deterioration of the door’s rollers.


Broken Rollers

The rollers on your garage door can break down at any time. Various signs indicate that your rollers need to be replaced or repaired. Broken rollers can affect the performance of your door and may need to be replaced immediately. Broken rollers are the most common repairs for garage doors. To prevent such problems, you should check your rollers every year or sooner, depending on how much you use your garage door.


Broken Springs

Breaking springs are among the most common garage door repairs, and they can be caused by various causes, including normal wear and tear. Since the springs are constantly under stress, the coils gradually lose strength, and it takes some years for a high-quality spring to reach the end of its life. Corrosion is another common cause of spring replacement, as it increases friction and reduces the spring’s effectiveness. To tell whether your spring needs replacement, look for reddish-orange rust.


Broken Cables

Breaking a cable can cause the entire garage door to fall, causing people to get trapped or injured. Some easy solutions to these common garage door repair issues include inspecting individual components regularly and lubricating the mechanisms at recommended intervals. Even if you don’t have a technical background, you should learn to spot problems and avoid them before they become too severe. 


Broken Tracks

There are two main causes of off-track garage doors. One may be a broken spring, and the other is a malfunctioning roller. While the former may work to bring the door back into its tracks, it is unlikely to fix the problem and will likely cause the problem to occur again. Therefore, contact a garage door repair professional to make the necessary repairs rather than trying to repair the issue yourself.