3 Things You Can Do to Spread Kindness

Spread Kindness

Small acts of kindness are crucial to a happy society. Being kind doesn’t take a lot of effort and can create a lasting impact for someone else. Here are three things you can do to provide kindness to others that don’t take a lot of time, energy, or money.


The first thing you can do is write kindness cards. These cards can have anything from little sayings to actual statements thanking someone for their kindness to you. If you want to be kind to strangers, without any recognition, you can write little cards with saying such as, “You’re beautiful” or “You make the world a brighter place.” Then post those cards around your neighborhood. Leave them in places where you know people will find them. Alternatively, you can choose to specifically thank people who were kind to you. Showing someone that you appreciate what they’ve done for you is a great way to acknowledge another person’s kindness.


The most simple thing you can do is use kind words. Simply say please and thank you more often. You can also use your words to create moments of compassion. If you like someone’s hair or clothes, take a moment and tell them. If you’ve ever had someone compliment you, you’ll understand that a stranger’s kind words can make your day. You can also use your words to stop moments of negativity with others. If you see someone being harassed you can step in and change the subject. An easy way to dissolve a moment fueled by hatred or lust is to ask the harasser a random question such as, “Do you know what time it is?” A simple question catches the harasser off guard and gives the harassed person time to escape. However, only intervene when you know the situation is safe. Otherwise, use your words to get help from security personnel.


Along with words, the cheapest way you can provide a moment of kindness is through your actions. Hold the door open for someone or smile at a stranger. You can even offer to pay for someone’s coffee or lunch. Your one small act of kindness can entice others to be kind in turn. For example, in Minnesota, there was a chain of over 200 cars where each paid for the person behind them. One person began that chain, creating the whole movement.

Kindness is something everyone is capable of. Not only can it make others feel happy, but it can make you feel happy too.