About BigMomma

My name is Julie. I am a mother of two totally different spirited girls. One who is on the cusp of being a woman, the other still my little one and wanting to stay my baby.

I love being a Mom, staying home is  a blessing to me. One that I cherish every moment of. I long to go back in time and hold my teenager as a baby just once more and not be so willing to push her to grow and be a “Big Girl” .

I would have let time unfold as it would. I do that now with the blessing of my little kiddo. She is the reason I believe in miracles, because she is a testament to it.  I studied child development, worked as a Montessori teacher for many years. Even studied photography and cosmetology.

I wish to one day study to be a pastry chef because I love to cook goodies for my little ones. I love all things craft, from photography and scrapbooking to quiliting and needle crafts. I even took some water color painting classes.  I tried it all I think but in the end just being with my family is all I want to do.

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