Organic cure to kill flying gnats

I have been starting seed and have some small garden veg in my potting shed. I had then gotten some plants from a friend, problem the plants had these gnats. I thought they were just fruit flies or something. I later found out by researching online that these type of garden flying gnats actually live off the roots and can kill the plant because of the baby gnats eating the fine roots.

So after looking all over at different things, I know I didn’t want to use any sort of  pesticide because of the fact that it is my food eventually growing … I also didn’t want to use anything crazy like hot sauces because my kiddo is helping me out with the plants.  After reading one cure, I decided to try Cinnamon.  So I sprinkled the cinnamon all over the base of the plant.  I then hung up one of  those sticky bug strips that catch flies.  I  crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I didn’t go into the potting shed where the plants were for a day and a half due to rain. To my surprise when I went in there were NO GNATS! I watered the plants a bit and the also noticed a few on the fly strip.

Today is now day 4 and there is still no signs of those pesky gnats. YEA!!!!

Momma Says: Buy the cheap cinnamon from the dollar store or use your old organic brand if it is time to change it out of the spice cabinet and rid your plants of the gnats!

Update it has been few weeks since I originally wrote this and the gnats are still gone in the greenhouse, organic gnat control works!

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organic cure to kill flying gnats


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