Bunny Garden Bento

Bunny Garden Bento today is for the love of all that is BUNNIES! We went to the mall over the weekend and walked into the pet store and they had the cutest little bunnies!!! We had a bunnies before and my kiddo loved that little bunny so much and misses her bunny terribly. So in honor of the beloved furry friend I made Bunny Garden Bento. It is also my first attempt at a sandwich ball.

You take a piece of bread and fill the center put that into plastic film sheet or baggie and smush into a round shape. my bunny has some patchwork on her head cause her meaty insides seeped out during the squishing faze.  This reminds me of when I was young with my brother we used to take Wonder Bread and put it with a slice of cheese and put the sandwich on the table and put a book on top and flatten it out, I loved the flattened out sammies they for some reason were so much better that way, LOL. To the bunny I added some Cheese and nori for the features with a little pick to add cute heart bow. Lots of veg with flower picks. The opposite container has my few fav lunch box drink. Seriously pack in those veg where I can, so why not in the  juice… then she has an orange and a DRAGON FRUIT!!! We have never ever seen one in the stores here in Colorado so we were very excited when at the Asian market we found one.  I really like the white flesh with all the little black polka dot seeds. My kiddo likes it also- I think just to be different from Daddy who was not a fan when we all tried it, my silly little bean.

Momma Says: Squish up some fun with your sammy today another way to play with your food!

Bunny Garden Bento

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  1. Awwwwww, love ur bunny, it’s so sweet. And I like how your bento is packed full of goodies. :)

    • MommaSays.net says:

      Thanks, I know I should pack them tighter all the time but she does not eat as much as I put in all the time. :)

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