More Kids Bento!!

Hello my name is Julie and I am bento addict.

OK I officially have become an addict.  The definition of addiction is –noun the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. There you have it.  Bento is habit forming. I get up early usually to to it before everyone wakes up. Sometimes I even do it before bed, so it is ready the next day. I am constantly trying to find info on the Internet about it. I cannot go into a store without thinking about it. I could not even escape the desire when I was at the library, that was a sad day cause I DID NOT find anything for my fix….

OK now the I have admitted my new obsession. I took some pictures of my latest creations. Lucky for me my little kiddo has some holidays lining up so I can make cute bentos for her.  I like to surprise her with her bento’s so that is why I do them late at night or early morning. Then after school the first thing was “OK, how was lunch today”? Then she proceeds to tell me what kind of bento she had. 

She is going to freak out today, I combined not only Pokemon for her bento but tried to add some clover and rainbow to it. So it also kinda worked for St. Patty’s day. I thought of doing the whole rainbow because we don’t usually celebrate St. Patty’s day. Something about corned beef that scares me to my soul. So I tried to use some “Wilton edible markers” to draw the Pokemon and a rainbow on some white cheese and some clovers on the ends of cut carrots. These markers will be in for review for a later post cause they STINK!  Besides the edible marker fiasco the kiddo will not complain cause I think she will love it!  Also included in bento is rice-balls (onigiri look under my recipes) and egg and sausage flowers, TOO CUTE!

Shout out to Auntie Kendra for turning me onto rainbow cupcakes!

There is some awesome inspiration out there if you google bento. So like I have said try it out, even make more adult bento for yourself. You will see that by portion control and use of healthier food you can do yourself and your waistline some good!

My bento for Valentines Day with heart shaped strawberries. Their natural shape sure helped add some easy hearts to this bento. This bento box is a two tier bento. I got it in an Asian Market in Denver.

Note to that I first went to a very traditional store, that is where I found this one and paid like 7 bucks.

When I went to the second Asian Market in a more downtown on main street it was selling over double in price!!!

I am so glad I choose to check out the more off beaten path store first.

So if looking for an Asian market let this shopping lesson of mine be your guide! Look up a few and check them out starting at the furthest from main street. The prices are allways better!

 Go to the one first where it is not in center of town by tourist sites!

 Can you say tourist trap?

I like it allot it is cute and pink too!  So even though it is smaller you get double

space. I like it because you can split up the food as I did. Fruit and veg on top and meat (mini tacos used) on the bottom.

See the little cute panda pick sticking out! He doubles as an eating utensil…

Special note here if your kiddo is under 5 I probilby would omit using little pics due to choking hazzard. The pics are cute but not for tiny kiddos, come on now. You already new that, right?

This next one is in a sandwich box that you can pretty much purchase anywhere. I have seen them even in the local supermarket. They work great for the traditional sandwich but even nicer for bento! 

This bento I used leftover veggie crustless quiche (fratatta?). My little kiddo once again was fooled into eating veggies because I had her make her own quiche that day and she added  vegtables from an assortment offered to her and some leftover chicken from the previous night.

Since SHE made the quiche she said it was the best quiche she ever ate!  Love it.. (I even used quail eggs for the mice and slice of cheese cut into a cat face)

My no fail quiche recipe

 3 eggs

1 Cup liquid, either whole milk, half and half, whatever, I have even used cream of chicken soup!

1/2 to 1 Cup shredded cheese ( I like to use Italian mix that is already packaged)

salt and pepper

Whatever you like to use also, from chicken to vegetables (even canned and drained work), defrosted frozen spinach, cooked bacon or sausage.  Use what you have.

1 Tablespoon of Bisquick or flour ( I use gluten free Bisquick cause it is always on hand and has a great blend for GF)

Crust (GF) or no crust just grease pan.

350 degrees and cook for 30 – 45 min.

 Watch it so it does not burn. I wait until it is just set and not Jiggly in the middle. Cool and eat!

The next few bentos I really went crazy cause I got some cute animal food separators and I wanted to try to fill in the gaps more in the bento box like I see alot of experienced bento artists do.

 So I used allot of color and tried to very the textures of the fruit and veg by cutting in different shapes.

This is the day before St. Patty’s so the sprouts were clover sprouts that she picked out at the market. (She loves anything bunnies so to eat clover anything like her bunny used to is a biggie for my kiddo)

My new found treasure is a bunny egg mold I broke down and bought one online cause when I saw it I just new my little kiddo would loose it. She is a bunny lover all the way. Egg molds are easy to use but one word of advice you have to buy the smaller eggs do not use boiled large or xtra large cause they wont fit into the mold. Once you boil and peel egg put warm egg into shaper and lock it then just wait for it to cool. Then once cooled pop it open to find your little cutie egg! I cannot wait for her Easter bento!!!

I again filled in allot of the void space and used cutters to cut meat and cheese stars and used a cute pick for the bunnies bow. The key is a little variety of taste and textures.  So if your only using a slice of apple save the rest for the next days bento. It is ok to use just a few pieces of this and that. This is hard to get over as “American” eating we want to put alot or use the whole thing!

 Try to resist and get a good balance of many different kind of foods. No need to over eat here!

Momma Says : Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.  ~Voltaire (SO VERY TRUE!!)

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  1. Tonya says:

    I absolutely love these Bentos… I’ve “heard” about them from other mom bloggers but I’ve never seen pictures of finished creations. Those are really beautiful little boxes of food. ;-) The rainbow cupcakes are my favorite… we’re definitely going to make some of those very soon!

    • admin says:

      Tonya- Thanks for checking out my site. I think bento does not need to be a big deal and make it all fancy. It is fun though to do it if you have time. Just packing a nice healthy lunch is the bottom line. Lots of colors and textures is allways appealing for kiddos.. The rainbow cupcakes are too fun! Just break up the batter and color them with food coloring and spoon into cake liners. Depending on how you layer colors it can look very “retro-hippy” kinda tie-dyed. My Kiddo loved it- so did Daddy. LOL!

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