Santa Claus Bento

santaSmallObviously another holiday bento lunch here, I was inspired by silhouette I had made previously of my family for Christmas decoration check it out here    .  I love the look of silhouettes so had to make one as if kiddo is looking out the window and Santa and his deer are flying over Pikes Peak here in Colorado.


I painted on the GF DF cheese with gel black food color, under the cheese is a turkey sammi. Below that is a row of raspberries. Next in the bento is a medley of fruit and veg. I put green grapes, pomegranate seeds and cauliflower pieces, with a carrot on top. In the corner is a cherry tomato with a Santa face on top.

Momma Says: Better not pout and get some food gel I’m telling you why! It’s easy peasy lunch. Just paint on some fun.

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  1. karen says:

    Oh how I love this, Julie!!!

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