Friday Favs: Plum Kids

I want to start on Fridays saying something I found or have used that I find to be my favorite thing this week.

With this in mind I was shopping at the store with my kiddo, who had a bit of a virus and I was letting her pick out foods from the BRAT diet.  If you don’t know what the BRAT diet is, it is a diet you use for kiddos who are sick and helps control tummy upset and diarrhea. Like always check with your doc before starting your child on ANY diet. Do I really need to say that? YES!

Well the BRAT diet is B= bananas  R= rice A= applesauce T= toast.  So I was down the A portion and looking for something kiddo could pick out that she wanted to eat in the applesauce section, when I saw these fruit “MASHUPS”.

I have bought them once before and used them as my “sneaky chef” type of ingredient because I assumed it was baby food. I like to add organic baby food into stuff and my kiddos are not aware of the added veg or fruit to their baked goods (Mu-ha ha ha – evil laugh inserted).

Any how while in the applesauce section they had a lot of these flavored mashups and I asked do you want to try any of these along with some applesauce? She said yes, very excitedly so I thought well why not.  LOVE the fact that they are organic and have nothing but fruit in it along with that the fruit used has no GMO’s!  YEA!

So she cracked one open in the car and laid there like in bliss. This is the action she takes when she loves something, then she said oh yes Jesus I love this ( she acts like she is in heaven from eating something she really likes- such the drama queen LOL).

So to end this Friday Fav’s Post go and try the tropical fruit mashups by Plum Kids,  I know my kiddo loved it.

Momma Says: now I cannot wait to try their other products geared toward bigger kids like fruit straws, jammy sammy and fruit and veg shreds!


Friday Favs Plum Kids organic mashups


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