Family Tip Fridays: Holiday Nails

What little girl does not sit there and watch Momma put on makeup or do her nails…

So why not spend the afternoon bonding and giving each other the spa treatment. I know some of you are thinking OH NO POLISH AND MY LITTLE KIDDO!!  But if you have fears of walking around with half your foot or hand polished use clear with maybe some glitter then it wont be so bad. Plus a tip when polish is wet/dry  if you use an emery board around the finger where polish gets an opps it works like a charm to remove it. Then you can have that perfectly polished look.

My daughter loved the both of us soaking our feet in a bubbly warm tub together playing footsie with our toes under the suds. I personally take pride if the polish I get isnt perfect or I have toes in a variety of colors, it is like a badge of honor as a Momma.  So let them give it a try to you and then you can return the favor. If you cannot bear the thought of your mani getting ruined then just do the toes, heck its winter so it’s not like everyone is going around in flip flops so only you will see them at home.

I bought a bunch of Chritmas color polishes at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Now you can buy them in pens which helps little hands not to hold a bottle and dip and spill. They also have polish with thin long brush to make stripes too. So much has changed since I was little and so much variety!  We bought red, green, white, sparkly red glitter, and clear with gold glitter chunks.

She wanted every finger different, so I got 2 fingers solid colors on each hand then I painted the rest white as a base. On top of the white some easy designs we did were red glitter stripes to mimik a candy cane. Then you can use green in dots arranged in a circle to make a wreath and also to make a tree, you can then put red dots on the tree and two little dots on a corner of the wreath as a bow. Last I put a bunch of dots of all the colors this was my personal fav…

In the end we had a wonderful afternoon spending some quality time together just her and I. We talked and laughed  and it was worth every penny spent on the polish and more!

MommaSays: Especially this time of year with the hustle and bustle, take some time out to be with the kiddos having some one on one time. Plus it gives you a chance to sit back and chill for a while.


Holiday nails

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