Film review: DVD/Blueray -The Smurfs

Sony is releasing in time for Christmas The Smurfs on Blue ray and DVD.  I was lucky enough to get a copy of this and watched it with my little kiddo. & Columbia pictures say of the film:

When Evil wizard Gargamel, chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours- in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

 The film is done with the combination of live action with animation. The interaction is very well done that at times you can forget that they are not really acting with the stars of the film.  Among the many talents including  Neal Patrick Harris (NPH), Katy Perry and Jonathan Winter, Hank Azara, Jayma Hayes and Sofia Vergara.  The standout  is the wonderful Hank Azara as Gargamel. He does an outstanding job transforming into the evil wizard and you are laughing out loud in some scenes.

If your remembering the Saturday mornings as a kiddo yourselfe you were probibly watching the Smurfs. Now you can share the blue cuteness and all that is Smurfy with your kiddos. They will fall in love with the The Smurfs movie just like you did the cartoons and comics as a kiddo with this updated modern version.

There were a few things you should keep in mind when watching this movie if you have little ones. Some of the language though it is in “smurf talk” still is cussing and rude humor, that is even if your little one catches on to it. I know I did. I know that movie makers now a days throw in some curve balls so that the adults who take the kiddos to see this will have a chuckle but seriously does there need to be three references to the Smurfs “junk”!  I wish movie companies would not do this kinda thing and go back to the same principals as the CLASSIC children’s movies by the Mouse. But alas these are modern times so at least it hopefully will go over your kiddos heads due to the “Smurfy language”. There is also a machine that Gargamel makes that for little ones can seem kinda scary, because Papa smurf  looks like he is being hurt when his “essence” is being taken.

Now to all the people who see this you must understand this is a Smurf movie so there is a ton of the word Smurf used to replace english words. What else do you expect? That is what Smurfs do,  they even joke about it in one scene with NPH’s chericter. Speaking of NPH he does a heart warming job as a father to be. He plays a marketing executive who has to not only deal with the campaign he is working on and a demanding boss, also a wife with a baby on the way but now add a housefull of Smurfs and the craziness insues. 

In all this is a kids movie and of late is really one of the better ones. My kiddo was totally into it, mouth open, eyes wide and giggling in all the right spots of the film.  I even enjoyed sitting there and this time I made Daddy watch it with us, he did not get up to leave and go on the computer, so that says alot there.  I personally liked when Gargamel would walk through the steam on the streets of NY, too funny. There is alot of action put into this movie and there is heartwarming scenes as well to make a nice balence. Kiddos will definatly love this film and you will to as a adult.

Momma Says: Pop the popcorn, this is one to buy and put on your shelf for fun family movie night.

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Film review: DVD/Blueray -The Smurfs


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