Why Would You Hire Orthokeratology Treatment?

Orthokeratology treatment

Medical science has come to a long while, with modern advancement in the field of medicine and medical technology. Several ailments that were left in the dark and effective strategies have been developed to combat them. 

In the field of ophthalmology, medical science has developed to an extent where several illnesses and eye conditions like near-sightedness (myopia) which were once considered lifelong can now be corrected with procedures of Ortho-k. It is not a surgery and you can get rid from myopia by choosing this painless treatment procedure. 

What is Ortho-K? 

It is a surgery-free procedure that is used to correct people with near-sightedness, though the vision can also be corrected with the aid of glasses prescribed by a doctor or LASIK etc. 

However, if you do not comfortable with glasses then you can go for some advanced procedures like LASIK or PRK, and orthokeratology is a surgical free procedure that you can attempt for. Children who suffer myopia are not recommended to have LASIK, as their eye growth hasn’t matured yet. In such cases, orthokeratology is much more beneficial.

What are the benefits of Ortho-K?

The procedure involves your ophthalmologist mapping the surface of your cornea with the aid of a corneal topography which is an instrument used to measure the cornea’s surface. 

  • A map of the cornea is created by having a light-reflecting surface. The machine used does not cause pain and does not touch the eye. It simply measures the curves and shape of your cornea which is used to build a lens known as orthokeratology lenses. You do not need to wear any glasses if you opt for such lenses. 
  • Such lenses can flatten the cornea’s centre when worn. This causes the light that enters the eye to bend. Doctors prescribe these lenses for patients to wear them overnight to have the cornea flatten. These lenses are rigid, and these gas permeable lenses are designed and shaped to allow reshaping of the cornea. They do not block the oxygen and your cornea can automatically get reshaped after using such lenses. 
  • These eye lenses work and help patients to have their eye vision corrected without the need for glasses. However, it is a lengthy process, and you need to wear these lenses overnight for a longer period of time. 

Is it effective?

On average, it takes about two weeks of regular usage for patients to attain the maximum amount of vision correction from orthokeratology. Some people may experience immediate results in a few days while others can take a while. However, it has been noted that many people have benefitted from the procedure achieving 20/40 vision and even higher.

How about Safety concerns?

The only concern is that there is a risk of infection from wearing lenses that have been dirtied or not cleaned well enough. This is more common with children who tend to get their hands dirty however with the right care and hygiene, infections can be avoided. If you are suffering an eye infection, visit your doctor.

For those who require having their eyes corrected but wishing to opt for a surgical free procedure then orthokeratology is perfect for you. Check-in with your ophthalmologist for suggestions regarding the procedure.  Normal optometrists cannot perform such treatments and you need to consult a doctor who has specialization in this field. You may need to visit several times to your doctor’s chamber during your treatment, but you can get rid of myopia through a painless treatment procedure. So, you can search for such specialists online and book an appointment.

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