Why permanent bracelets are the perfect low-maintenance fashion accessory for Mom’s

permanent bracelet

Accessorizing can be a challenge with kids. Little hands love to tug clasps loose, so jewelry tends to get lost. That’s why we’re loving the permanent bracelet trend! It’s fast, easy and unfussy.

For jewelers that specialize in permanent bracelets, welding or soldering a band around a customer’s wrist takes no more than 15 minutes on average! The welding procedure is completely painless and takes place in a flash of light.

Once the bracelet has been fused to the wearer’s wrist, it is permanently bonded to the wrist so there’s no need to worry that it will go missing. These bracelets are made of real gold, which is extremely robust and made to last a lifetime, even for busy Moms. If necessary, the bracelets can be readily removed with a pair of scissors. They would have to be removed in order to get an MRI, for example. Airport security, on the other hand, should not be a problem.

For many people, permanent bracelets can hold a deep significance. Many Moms use them to make a minimalist statement about permanence and simplicity. It’s a great thing to get with a partner, a daughter or even a friend. They can be worn as a show of commitment, a friendship bracelet, or simply a stylish accessory. Many  clients wear the bracelets to commemorate a significant occasion — something they wished to remember, such as a birthday, the beginning or end of a relationship, or the birth of a child.

The concept of permanence carries with it a romantic meaning as well. Jewelry is a traditional signifier of a dedication to the eternal that aspires for perfection. The most obvious example is a ring, which serves as a symbol of matrimony or even possession, followed by those necklaces with two halves of a heart. As well as the Love bracelet, released in 1969 by Cartier, which is a gold bangle that is secured to the wrist with a special screwdriver and looks a lot like a very costly handcuff; indeed, legend has it that the design was inspired by medieval chastity belts. The great thing about jewlery as a sign of commitment however is that is removable and permanent bracelets are no different, they can in fact be taken off with just the snip of a pair of scissors.

 In many cases, when we talk about permanence, we become overwhelmed by the prospect of making a decision that we would later come to regret. This is something that you can put on and it will stick with you until you decide that you no longer want to have it on. In many ways, permanent bracelets are similar to getting a piercing or a tattoo, just less invasive.

These bracelets are not meant to be a handcuff or an anchor that holds you in place. They are meant to serve as a reminder of something that you cherish and hope will last a long time. For Moms with little time for accessorizing, they’re a great way to feel sparkly, special and well put-together every single day, without spending time on choosing out jewelry.