Why Opt For Cork Underlay When Installing New Flooring

Are you planning your home renovation? Is installing new flooring in your to-do list? An elegant and stylish flooring can add to the aesthetics of your house. But the floor is not just the only thing that needs to be taken care of. To lend a finishing touch to your space, other floor accessories too must be considered. And wood flooring underlay is the most essential of them all.

If accessories that are required for your renovation project are selected as per your floor and furniture then they can complement your home décor and add comfort too. For example, laminate flooring underlay ensures smooth feel under your feet.

If you are looking for sound reducing underlay that adds to the comfort as well, then nothing better than the cork underlay.

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Wondering what are the other reasons because of which you must opt for cork underlayment when renovating your house? Stay tuned as we present the reasons and the benefits of this important accessory.

DIY Installation

Cork underlay is super easy to install. It’s a simple do-it-yourself task and being lightweight, it can be handled in a hassle free manner. It’s durable also. If you follow the step by step instructions provided by the manufacturer then you will be able to install the underlay in very little time. You can also call professionals to get the work done.

Comfortable to Walk

Cork underlay is essential under the flooring as it lends a cushioning effect. It makes walking comfortable and feels smooth under your feet. This is one of the most important reasons why you must opt for this type of underlayment.

It Provides Uniformity

This type of underlay provides uniformity to the floor, covering up all the cracks and other deformities if any. It protects the flooring and keeps it intact. It offers a long-lasting solution, hiding all the issues of the underfloor.

Reduces Acoustic Noise

A good quality underlay ensures that acoustic noise is reduced. The sound of footfall from above rooms can be very irritating and the best solution to get rid of the annoying noises is using cork underlay. It can bring about a big change.

Cork is Recyclable Material

Cork is an environmentally friendly material. It is natural and recyclable. It performs well and lends more comfort. When you use this for your home renovation project, you will also be doing your bit towards the environment.

Offers Thermal Insulation

Cork underlay also offers thermal insulation apart from other so many benefits. The underlayment adds warmth due to its insulation property. This enhances the comfort of walking.

Not to Worry About Heavy Furniture

When you use this accessory, you do not have to worry about the marks caused by heavy furniture. Cork under the floor saves it from any kind of scratches and dents. It saves the floor from any damage caused due to the placement of heavy items. So, you can place your furniture on the floor easily without thinking twice about the marks.

No Need to Spend Extra on Imperfections of Underfloor

Your underfloor might have many imperfections and require labour and material to smoothen it. But if you use cork underlay then you would not have to invest extra on repairing the defects of the underfloor.

Moisture Protection

Cork underlayment offers moisture protection. It can be used in areas with high humidity as it does not expand when it comes in contact with moisture. This ensures great performance.

Hope the above reasons for why you should be using cork are enough to make you add underlay in your shopping list. Good luck with your home renovation project!