Which Foods can Effectively Increase Fertility in Both Genders?

Many women are huge fans of some harmful beverages and tend to consume them day and night. They leave the use of these beverages because they think that conception would be difficult with the habit of drinking them. Usually, they only know which beverages and foods affect the chances of fertility.

But they don’t know there are many foods that can increase the chances of conception or fertility. Well, people think that how foods can make couples fertile. The use of several foods helps in nourishing the body. And the nourishment of the body plays a major role in the process of conceiving.

According to an andrologist in Lahore, many people don’t realize that continuous habits in a lifestyle and stress can significantly affect fertility in both genders. But the problem is that these couples have no idea these habits affect their fertility health.

However, if you, whether a woman or man, are trying to conceive but are not succeeding, then eating a healthy diet can help you achieve your goal of conceiving. A healthy diet includes a number of healthy fats, lean protein, and whole foods. They will work miracles on your fertility health and you will become able to easily conceive.

Eating a healthy diet will also help increase the health of the gut and there will also be a regulation in your hormones. If you eat a healthy diet it will also help in reducing the levels of stress in the body. An improvement in these factors is a must because it is essential to prepare the body of a woman for pregnancy.

When you start eating foods for reproductive health, this habit helps in lowering stress hormones and increasing blood flow in the genitals. You can select a number of foods such as walnut to salmon.

Foods to Increase Fertility

These foods will help in increasing fertility levels in both genders and they will also be effective in reducing some health conditions such as decreasing stress levels:

1- Sunflower Seeds

We all loved to eat sunflower seeds when we were kids. We had a habit of eating these seeds just because of their delicious taste. At that time, we were not well aware of the benefits of sunflower seeds.

But now, we can see a lot of benefits of sunflower seeds. The regular consumption of these seeds leaves many positive effects on the body. As we know that roasted and unsalted sunflower seeds are a huge source of vitamin E.

The consumption of vitamin E for couples, especially men, from these seeds. This essential vitamin helps in increasing sperm count and it can also boost sperm motility in many males. In addition to being a good source of vitamin E, sunflower seeds are also high in folate and selenium.

These minerals are also essential for maintaining fertility health in both genders. When you consume sunflower seeds every day you also get omega-6 fatty acids in high amounts, and they can also provide omega-3 fatty acids in some amounts. All these minerals and nutrients are exceptionally important for increasing the chances of fertility.

2- Avocados

You probably already consuming avocados every day due to several reasons. Am I right? But an essential thing you will not be knowing is that they are a portion of good food for fertility than many others. As mentioned above, vitamin E plays a role in increasing fertility chances. And avocados are among the best sources of vitamin E. 

A number of scientific studies are showing the regular consumption of avocados can improve the lining of the uterus. You can also consume avocados to consume healthy fats in higher amounts. No other foods will taste good more than avocados they also provide healthy fats.

When you consume avocados, you don’t only get vitamin E and healthy fats, but you also get potassium and folate. Along with these minerals, you also get some portion of vitamin K which also further helps your body in absorbing other vitamins.

You consume avocados in many ways and they will contribute to your health in the same way. You can consume them with pomegranates and in this way, your body will also get antioxidants. Nutritionists also say that you can add some portion of avocados to your everyday smoothie and it will taste like a milkshake.

3- Mature Cheeses

Mature cheeses such as aged cheddar can be effective in increasing the health of sperm. You may already be knowing that mature cheeses are high in polyamines. They are proteins usually present in many plants and animal products. These proteins also naturally occur in humans.

Scientific studies also explain that polyamines can also be effective enough to support the reproductive system. The consumption of these proteins can also improve egg quality in women.