What Happens After 4 Months Of Hair Transplant In Dubai

What Happens After 4 Months Of Hair Transplant In Dubai

Don’t let the bald scalp be the single thing you see in the mirror. Go for Hair Transplant!

I believe that a hair transplant might sound scary for you but in actuality, it’s not much creepy as you think. This post will you’ll surely change your decision.

Tons of hair loss solutions available in the market. From Medications to home remedies, but have you ever seen a person who has overcome baldness with such things? I’m sure not. Till now no research has proven their efficiency of results. In the end, there is no permanent solution left, except for Hair Transplant. Its success rate is from 60-80 % worldwide, and in Dubai, it’s 85. Therefore, it’s proven that when every hair treatment fails hair transplant works! Before we get into its results, let’s give you an idea of What a Hair Transplant in Dubai.

Hair Transplant in Dubai is a natural hair restoration procedure. It involves the abstraction of grafts from the donor area to place them back on the bald region. In this way, new hair growth covers the bald scalp naturally. However, the separation of grafts can be carried out through FUE or FUT technique.

In severe cases when more grafts are required, FUT is suggested. Otherwise wise FUE is proposed which is the latest one and minimally invasive. 

Everyone who considers hair transplant expects realistic results from it. Luckily, this post is about Hair Transplant results. In short, what happens after 4 months of Hair Transplant in Dubai? Based on authentic reviews of patients, we’ve explored every single aspect in detail.   

After Four Months: What to expect?

We all are familiar with the natural idea behind hair transplant. For sure, hair growth is a gradual process and demands some tolerance.

Once you’re done with a hair transplant, the first four months are very important. Hence, it’s the trickiest phase, and when you pass it successfully, it means you had a victorious hair transplant. This is because, at this period, many patients report noticeable growth in their scalp. But that doesn’t mean you start expecting long hair after four months. Nearly, a black visible dot would be seen on the scalp which would a spark of hope in the dark era.

For boosting up the hair progress, just keep yourself indulged with every single advice of the doctor. It would benefit you a lot. However, the growth process normally continues for a lifetime but the first 12 months are enough for knowing Hair Transplant results.

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What if Hair doesn’t fall out after 4 months?

In some cases, people don’t notice hair growth after 4 months and of course, they start losing hope. Luckily, it’s a Good Sign! Shocked? Though, it’s an unbelievable fact. If it’s taking the time it means hair follicles are implanted in the right location where they should be.

What Happens after 4 months of Hair Transplant in Dubai?

Let hair grafts grow completely, give them time. Don’t panic. Normally, a period of 12 months is mandatory to wait. Because at this point, the healing phase is completed and newly grafted hair turns into natural hair. Moreover, 80-90% of people notice growth in this era.

Important points to consider- during the First 4 Months of Hair Transplant!

The hair restoration journey isn’t going to benefit you overnight. You need to keep some patience. But to speed up the healing process for more effective growth, make sure that you follow the proper scalp care routine prescribed by your surgeon.

In Dubai, a leading location of Hair Transplant Dynamic clinic provides everything you need in your recovery period. During the initial days of hair transplant, aftercare sprays and scalp washing details are advised in consideration of your scalp condition. This is because caring properly will increase the chances of desired results.

For the first four months of hair transplant, you need to keep some important points in your mind. Please check out,

  1. Once you’re allowed to take shower, shampoo regularly to remove scabs.
  2. Avoid smoking, drugs, antibiotics, and blood-thinning medications.
  3. Go in sunlight with a covered head. Direct exposures can cause sweating which can affect hair growth.
  4. Discuss your sleeping position with the doctor and follow it for at least seven nights.
  5. Avoid unnecessary scalp touching.
  6. Don’t miss prescribed medications.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can easily acquire natural hair at the desired density. However, if you don’t get satisfied with one session, improve the results by appearing in another sitting. Besides, your doctor should be expert enough to meet your expectations. It’s hard to find an authentic doctor these days due to the fraud present in the market. Therefore, you can find Dubai’s expert surgeons at Dynamic clinic.

Let’s wrap up!

So, you had a hair transplant or you’re thinking to get it. I hope that the information written above has helped you in knowing what happens after 4 months of Hair Transplant in Dubai?In short, after four months, you’ll notice black dots on the scalp which the leading symbol of hair growth. Somehow, there can also be some hair loss but not to worry, it’s normal.

Please note: the information we’ve shared above is just a rough idea based on reviews of different patients. As we know that every individual is different so hair transplant reacts differently to them. Though it’s not guaranteed that you’ll observe hair growth in four months. It might require more time, so keep showing patience while you experience Hair Transplant.