Lifeline Broadband Services

Assist Wireless administers the government-sponsored Lifeline phone program to persons qualifying for programs like SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, and other government programs. The Lifeline programs include free cell phones, talk-text-data services, as well as broadband, and bundled services.

The broadband services have changed since their inception. What changes should you expect in your Lifeline service?

Emergency Broadband Benefit Is Now The Affordable Connectivity Program

The ACP is a federally operated program by the FCC to aid low-income applicants in paying for Internet service as well as devices like a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

How Its Benefits Have Changed

Qualifying persons or households will find new ways of qualifying for the Lifeline phone program Oklahoma-based. If the person or household receives WIC benefits, or their income falls below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, then they should visit to apply.

The monthly limit of the benefits will now be $30 per month per qualifying household and on tribal lands instead of $50 per month. Tribal lands’ benefits will still be $75 per month. Persons laid off work, on furlough, or affected by Covid-19, thereby suffering a loss of income will be required to requalify for ACP through your program administrator.

The ACP Might Or Might Not Cover Your Full Monthly Broadband Bill

In order to have your monthly broadband bill completely covered, your bill must total $30 or less per month. If the total bill is over $30, then you will pay the difference between the total and the $30 allowance to your provider. Call your provider to discover payment plans that might cover the broadband bill.

Persons and households on tribal lands will continue to enjoy $75 per month ACP broadband coverage.