Ways to Use Your Positive Qualities

Positive Qualities

Do you feel like you don’t have anything positive to share with others? What traits do you believe make a person “good”? Each person has different qualities, talents, or gifts. Someone in a caring profession, for example, might have an enormous wealth of empathy and a store of patience. Each individual can use different qualities to contribute more to both brief interactions and longtime relationships.

What Are Your Best Qualities?

If you’re struggling to find out what people appreciate about you, make a list. While that might seem tedious or silly, it’s a great way of making a physical record that you can look at when you’re feeling inadequate. Think of times when people compliment you or thank you. What is the reason for the remark? Are people appreciative of your kindness, empathy, patience, determination, or resourcefulness?

Become Involved in Activities You Care About

When you can participate in the things that matter to you, you may also become more open and share more of your attributes with others. For many, perhaps particularly for introverts, engaging with the organizations and events that matter the most to these people can allow each person to demonstrate previously invisible passions. You can exercise patience even when you’re not invested in the task you’re working on, but it is far easier to wait when you care about the outcome and know that it takes a specific amount of time.

Often, if you care about something, you’ll have skills to share with others. Use them. Teach a newcomer how to play the piano. Suggest a series of steps for applying to college. Listen and be the listener someone needs on an especially difficult day.

You don’t need to be an expert or an overachiever to add some goodness to someone else’s day. Do your best and appreciate the times you get to spend with others.