Various Types Of Swimwear

Finding the right swimwear depends on the activity, support, and how much skin an individual is comfortable showing. Different styles and patterns have been established, and it is now easy to find flattering and functional swimwear sold on websites like AMI Clubwear. Various types are listed below.

One-Piece Women’s Suits

Different styles have been developed which are comfortable for women. Consider this costume when performing more intense activities such as bodysurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or diving. Persons interested in competitive swimming prefer cross-back streamlined suits or snug-fitting suits designed to minimize drag and fuss in the water.

Two-Piece Women’s Suits

Tailored two-piece suits that suit the body type and watersport activities are essential. Top and bottoms are sold separately. Various women’s two piece swimsuits companies have designed performance swimwear that stays in place during the different water sport activities. The convenience of these costumes makes them suitable for bathroom breaks. Main categories of tops include.

  • These include a bralette style top and the classic triangle top
  • Tank tops cover the entire midriff.

There is a wide range of swim bottoms for coverage, including short-boy’s styles, traditional bikini bottoms to offer full coverage, and swim skirts.


Rashguards are popular shirts that protect against harmful UV rays and are especially critical during long hours of surfing, snorkeling, paddling, or swimming. The costumes are lightweight, form-fitting, and stretchy. The shirts have several styles which contribute to their versatility, including zip-tops, long sleeves, cap sleeves, or pullovers.

Swim Leggings

These swim tights give a person maximum protection from harmful UV rays from the waist down to the ankles. Consider these costumes when engaging in activities that spend long hours in water and sun. A great choice is necessary if an individual does not want sunscreen when being indoors. Various fabrics have been designed to keep people warmer even in chilly waters.

Men’s Swim Trunks

Swim shorts range from short to above the knee. The presence of drawstrings, elastic waistbands, or snaps provides comfort for users. Some styles come with lining or a mesh inner brief for extra support. People can tailor a look that best fits their style and preferences.

Choose a swimwear style based on the activities to minimize the effect of harmful UV radiation from the sun. Settle on the fabric and design features and find a comfortable costume.