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The runway can show fashion trends, and the road can show not only the future, but also the current development trend. Therefore, if you wish to make your wardrobe more modern, then the world’s top street style stars will provide you with the motivation you need. Every season, these modern ladies appear with the latest and most beautiful appearance, and the 2019 spring and summer are no exception. From Paris and Milan to London and New York, every model week from that month will show exquisite dresses and magnificent looks. Here, we summarize the top routes of each season and add them to your shopping list. 

Every year, Pinterest collects a peak of emerging search terms, and it expects significant changes in the next 12 months. The company released the Pinterest 100 report in December last year, which predicted the most likely people to interact with on the Internet (and its applications) in 2019 based on user search data and behavior. It contains everything from travel and food to home decoration, yes, including beauty and fashion. She predicts that in clothing and accessories, trends such as sneakers, bicycle shorts and snake print will dominate. With the confirmation of fashion week, street style and popular clothing, this trend will emerge as we approach the end of 2019. Before that, we will segment the top 10 trends of Pinterest fashion in 2019, and all the ways you will shop until 2020. 

Bike Shorts with Blazers

Games are a trend of continuous product development, and the latest products are modern products, so they are unexpected. This month, bike racks are equipped with sportswear suitable for various audiences. Provide a new combination of sportswear and clothing, the appearance is very elegant and beautiful. Of course, although not ideal for an office or gym, clothes are perfect for hanging out on the street or gathering with your best friend on Sunday. So, don’t be afraid to try it yourself.

Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts

At the moment, street-style stars let their animalism replace bold and wild patterns. In particular, tiger print is one of the most popular fashionistas, and wears a variety of clothing including pants, jackets, dresses, suits, etc. To follow in the footsteps of this veiled woman and put the cat in the indoor forest, choose a stunning solid design and use bold and bright colors. Alternatively, consider the appearance of an entire tiger pattern with matching texture or one or more textures. If have a wish play games, you can even add printed tiger bags or shoes. 

Pakistani lehenga

Any girl who is in Pakistan , they consider theĀ  wedding day as a big dream. This day is the best bedding for the bride. When we hear of beautiful Pakistani wedding dresses decorated with beautiful red dresses, we always think of beautiful and heavy lehengas. When preparing the bride’s dress, Lehenga is always under the watch. From ancient history to the last days, lehenga has always been the traditional symbol of our wedding. Although the ancient forms of simple weddings are now found in many varieties. Every year, some fashion designers in Pakistan showcase their colorful wedding dress collections. Today, we are sharing with Pakistani bride Lehenga costume design collection type.

This year’s bridal collection brings new and interesting ideas to bridesmaids. In recent months, on the wedding dresses held on various weekends, each weekend has characteristic long, bright, heavy lehengas, with work advertisements and beautiful colorful skirts. In general, the style and fashion of oriental wedding dresses will surprise you this year. In this article, we introduce you to the latest trends in wedding dresses, including an interesting legging, a beautiful shirt and a heavy dupatta.

Boiler Suits

Boiler Suits

During this fashion month, infrastructure designs have been exhibited in all major fashion cities. Of course, a special feature appeared in the packaging. Originally designed as a one-piece handicraft, the current heating box is both practical and practical. To change your appearance, just choose the chart and color that suits you. These long sleeves are available in a variety of styles. Therefore, you will not be short of options.

Snake Prints

You may have accepted snakeskin printing to replace ordinary tigers and become your life. Pinterest predicts that this trend will also appear in 2019. the search volume for “snakeskin” will increase by 642%.

Wrap Dresses and Robe Coats

Trendy summer outfits, wrap-around dresses, paved the way for the most fashionable men’s shirts-in 2019, we saw a lot of both, and as Pinterest reported, searches for “jacket silhouettes” increased by 689 as of the percentage at the end of 2018.


One of the popular trends in this spring and summer collection is shirts. The long shirts that were popular a few years ago have become popular. However, at this moment, designers have reimagined a shirt with various belts, double-breasted sleeves, down buttons, asymmetrical neckline, and collar: ready to take an adventure and try various functions that suit your personality.