Top 8 famous celebrity Hair Transplant in Dubai

hair transplant in Dubai

It’s not more secret that famous superstars undergo cosmetic surgeries or hair transplants. They’re not different from all of us, as we lose hair in our 40s and 50s, they also go through from this. From hair thinning to receding hairline, celebrities also bear such unwanted conditions. But unlike common people, who keep ignoring the hair loss concerns, it would be much difficult for well-known personalities. As they are always in the glamour’s world with the coverage of media every time, so they have to be extra conscious about their appearance. Every single part of their body is noticed by their fans and the rest of the public so becoming touchy about the overall look is no more shocking.

No matter whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood, we all are having our ideals in these industries and most often we expect a picture-perfect from them with flawless makeup and hair looks however most of us think that they don’t have the right to appear unpleasant. In case they appear like this, the public makes fun of them and obviously, critics are very harsh. So without another choice celebrities have to be very careful about their appearance no matter in which age period they’re.

Why Dubai is the first choice for every celebrity?

As a fan everybody wants to know about the real-life particulars of their ideals that what they eat, where they go, and most likely, what surgeries they’ve experienced. Here, we’re taking you towards the Top eight famous celebrities who have undergone Hair Transplants. In Dubai, it’s very common to have a hair transplant as their public is very blunt about it, which is the only reason that famous celebrities prefer this city to have their transplantation procedures. Many renowned actors including Salman Khan have opted for hair transplant in Dubai

For a complete list of regarding Top 8 famous celebrity Hair Transplant in Dubai, please continue reading. You will be amazed after knowing the hidden realities. Let’s begin,

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Ricardo Quaresma

If you’re a follower of the football world cup, you might have heard about a famous player Ricardo Quaresma who’s the two-time winner of Portugal’s Player football championship. He explained the reality of his hair loss in his own words that for the last 5 years he has been battling with it and of course it harmed his self-confidence.

He experienced a hair transplant and now he’s having a head full of hair. If you get a chance to meet him you wouldn’t believe that he was bald once. Though, you can search his recent pictures on the internet to know about the visible difference in his previous looks.

Mel Gibson

A well-known American actor, producer, director and superstar Mel Gibson, he’s well known for his brilliant performances in the movies like Mad Max. His exceptional efforts let him won Oscar for his film Brave heart but his fight against hair loss is also not hidden.

To get back the lost image of the scalp, he go through a transplant and the entire public noticed a visible transformation in his appearance.

Salman Khan

Yes, we’re talking about the famous Bollywood actor and producer Salman Khan. Do you know that he had a hair transplant? Surprised? But it’s the bitter reality. He experienced transplantation practice in 2007 in Dubai though, at that time, hair transplant wasn’t much famous as it is now.

Hair transplant left a magical difference in his appearance and no one believes that he had endured any sort of surgery. His supernatural results of transplantation appeared in the enhanced facial frame and stimulated outlook.

Elton John

In the world of music, Elite John is having a famous name. His beautiful golden hair made his personality so attractive but in mid of the sixties, he underwent from baldness because of gradual thinning. Though being a famed icon, he decided to get Top 8 famous celebrity Hair Transplant in Dubai for the alteration of outlooks, and yes this job concealed his baldness and everyone observed the immense difference in his looks.

Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt is the most famed Bollywood actor and producer. In his real life, he has been going through excessive stress and depression which resulted in the receding hairline. A few years back, when he went to the US, he decided to get a FUT hair transplant however you can notice a scar on his scalp in the “Agneepath” movie.

Wayne Rooney

You don’t have to be a fan of soccer to be aware of Wayne Rooney. His name doesn’t need any introduction and the best thing about him is that he’s much opened about everything that happens in his life. In 2011, he acquired a hair transplant and he explained this painful journey in his own words that he was going bald in 25. He also shared his experience of hair transplant on Twitter by posting a picture of his scalp.