Top 6 Reasons to Install Laminate Flooring in your Home

When deciding on flooring options, people often get confused as to which one should they be opting for their dream home. The same applies for commercial spaces and businesses as well. There are quite a few options to choose from – traditional solid hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl tiles, laminate, so on and so forth. Today, we will make the case for laminate flooring and why it is one of the most preferred and viable solutions for your flooring needs. Laminate floors are really popular due to the following main reasons.

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laminate Flooring

Cost Effective and Value for Money

Laminate Floors are one of the most affordable and cost-effective flooring solutions out there. It is one of the main reasons as to why laminate wood flooring has become one of the most preferred choices all over the globe. The process of manufacturing laminate flooring planks is less expensive than other forms of flooring, yet it is incredibly strong and versatile. Laminate has the ability to replicate the look of natural wood and that too without exceeding your budget.

Strength and Durability

Laminate floors are one of the toughest flooring options available in the market. The technological and industrial advancement has enabled manufacturers to come up with really strong and durable laminate flooring solutions. It has a tough, protective upper layer with an aluminum oxide coating which makes laminate floors waterproof, dust, and scratch resistant. Because of its strength and versatility oak laminate flooring is ideal for homes with small kids and pets. It is also one of the most preferred flooring options for commercial spaces and establishments due to the durability and cost.

Versatile and Can be Installed Anywhere

Traditional solid wood is not recommended for wet areas like washrooms and kitchens due to the risk of water damage. Laminate is a cheap alternative to hardwood as it is built to withstand the natural elements and any sudden changes in temperature or moisture levels. Another really important feature is that laminate flooring can be installed over any type of sub floors like concrete or vinyl. Many times, the sub floor prevents the installation of solid hardwood flooring as it might not be compatible with it. In such scenarios laminate flooring comes as a rescue option.

Effortless Cleaning and Easy Maintenance

For an active household with kids and pets, or busy commercial spaces or establishments, cleaning and maintenance of laminate floors would be the last thing to worry about. Laminate floors are a pretty easy surface to keep looking clean and shinning always. Just the daily routine of regular of vacuuming or sweeping will help keep your flooring looking shinning and great daily.  If you want to for a deep clean, just get hold of damp mop. Simply wipe the mop over the laminate with a solution of water and vinegar or a manufacturer’s cleaning agent and you’ll have a really clean and tidy floor.

Hassle Free and DIY Installation

If one of your concerns about redoing your floors is having to hire contractors, then you shall be pleased to know that laminate flooring planks can be installed easily yourself. It is one of the easiest flooring solutions which does not require any additional manpower or skill set for the installation. The intelligent design and construction of these flooring boards which lock together easily is the reason why so many people all around the world are doing it themselves. There are tons of video guides on popular video streaming platforms like YouTube which can help you in your first ever DIY flooring installation!

Reusable and Environment Friendly

The basic construction of laminate flooring is wood, which makes it highly recyclable and reusable. Laminate floors are the easiest flooring solution which can be altered and changed, be it in terms of design or style. This freedom of choice is almost non-existent in traditional solid hardwood floors. The intelligent click-lock design has made it really easy and effortless to move the laminate flooring planks. With the effect of global warming on our environment, protecting and safeguarding it is every single person’s responsibility.

In order to do their part most of the manufacturers and flooring companies are adopting Eco friendly methods like using recycled wood in the production process. This helps in reducing and controlling the carbon foot prints on our lovely planet.