Top 5 Best Foot Massager For Large Feet With New Technology in 2020

foot massager

In “Complete Spa”, what we like is better than moving around the various bases in our small rest area. We float on massage chairs from small saunas to showers, but the most commonly used are beautiful little feet. Jane and I will use it beautifully every night after get off work. If we get home at the same time, there will be conversations.

As part of our investigation, we purchased one. All the options are a bit small for me, so you saved the 9 best questions I encountered on the list. They have different values, and all values ​​have their advantages and disadvantages. But everyone is better than not having daily massage. Read the guide, choose the one you like, click on the Amazon link, and after a week, you will get a satisfactory list due to your concerns being recorded.

Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu

Homedics  the same price, you can get 6 massage heads from a distance Funeral deep finger presses at a reasonable distance to relax and relieve pain. You can also afford a popular choice.

Please note that if your feet are sensitive, this may not be the best massage method. The reverse effect of Best foot massager for large feet is strong, and the intensity of massage is disturbing. Otherwise, it is very good for reducing pain and tension.

foot massager


The Belmint Shiatsu at the foot of the mosque has 2 separate foot baths, with Shiatsu ports running through the sides and soles of the feet. It uses a combination of deep massage and vibration massage to relax muscles and improve blood circulation.

It has a free design where you can customize your massage facilities to satisfy you. You can choose 5 levels of massage intensity massage and 3 levels of vibration massage. The massage machine is very powerful, so the maximum power is really painful. Level 2 seems to be the preferred level for relaxation.

The foot massage is generous. The 12-foot size can still accommodate a large room and a wide foot. Just make sure to step on the foot before opening, otherwise the airbag will rise as soon as it moves.

As the name suggests, it has an independent heating option, and you can turn it on to track the massage. Remember, the heat is not very strong. It is rarely detected.

It is equipped with a dust cover on a soft washable cloth. 

Best for Circulation: Sunpentown Infrared Massager

The first thing about Sunpentown Mosque is its color. Unlike its colorful competitors, the soles of the feet are a comfortable shade of periwinkle. It is made of plastic and has a remote control. You can schedule the massage time for up to 15 minutes, and then automatically shut down. It provides 8 infrared treatment methods for you to choose, and provides 12 levels of vibration. You can also switch between automatic and manual massage methods.

The interesting thing about this product is that it is specifically dedicated to improving blood circulation. The Sunpentown sidewalk has an infrared heating system on a vibrating and repeated tension surface. It can also touch massage needles to improve blood flow and clogged blood vessels. Judging from the reviews of satisfied customers, she seems to have achieved her goal. If you have blood circulation problems in your legs and feet, please add them to the list.

You may encounter an earthquake causing Sunpentown to escape your problem. Only use rooga disposal to have a place.

Best for Arches: Brookstone 839379 Shiatsu

Brookstone Mosque 839379 will earn points for anyone who likes air massage techniques. A dark room with only two grasses on his feet. .

It has a massage roller drilled at the depth of acupressure and the air pressure used for air massage. There is also an independent heating option to extend your feet. You will be able to choose from multiple levels of intensity, and 3 (automatic massage programs (Energize, Eoothe and Pulse).

The effect is in line with advertising. It can effectively reduce leg pain. It can also improve the circulation of the foot. It has been proven to massage the arch of the foot effectively, no matter its height-this is something that competitors can struggle with.

Brookstone 839379 comes with a simple handle for storage and recovery. The product measures 16.8 x 8.8 x 14.4 inches, weighs 12 pounds, and fits 12.5 of 14 size shoes for men and women.

 Medi-Rub 2000 Plus

The color is green and has a concave, clearly pointing to the target point of your foot. It improves blood circulation in the feet. The walking distance can carry heavy motorcycles of 2 power levels.

Remember, unlike many competitors, it does not vibrate massage, but in the process moves the foot to make it vibrate, which seems to have a longer effect than improving blood. shake.

The main importance  about Medi-Rub massage is that it is actually for people with neurological diseases. Most of them are very careful to warn people to use its products in this situation and say that the product Edi Medi-Rub does not Where this kind of change actually means that the engine has been used by such customers. This sounds very, so you and you are smart. Finally bought this, but it was nearby.