Second-Hand Clothing

Oakland-based ThredUp has made history as the first second-hand clothing retailer to go public on the Nasdaq exchange. With a total valuation of $168 million, the online clothing marketplace is solving environmental and social issues while also revolutionizing the traditional retail industry. Founded in 2009, ThredUp is transforming the second-hand clothing market by providing shoppers with an easy, affordable, and sustainable way to find clothing and accessories that are in style and on-trend. This IPO marks a new era for the company and the entire second-hand clothing industry.

Why ThredUp is Revolutionizing the Second-hand Clothing Industry

ThredUp is revolutionizing the second-hand clothing industry with its unique business model, customer service, and sustainability initiatives. The company operates like a traditional online retailer, curating clothing and accessories from over 30,000 different brands. Customers can shop the ThredUp website or the company’s mobile app to find items that meet their style and budget. Unlike traditional thrift stores, ThredUp offers clothing that comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

The company also has a customer-centric approach to business. Shoppers can take advantage of free shipping and returns, customer loyalty programs, and a 30-day return policy. ThredUp also offers discounts and exclusive deals for frequent shoppers.

In addition, ThredUp is committed to sustainability. The company donates a portion of its proceeds to various causes, such as helping the environment and providing educational opportunities for underprivileged children. ThredUp also works with over 1,200 recycling partners to ensure that materials from old clothing are not ending up in landfills.

The Benefits of ThredUp’s Nasdaq Listing

ThredUp’s listing on the Nasdaq exchange has already had a positive impact on the company. With a valuation of $168 million, ThredUp has gained more financial stability and credibility. This listing has also allowed the company to attract more investors and expand its customer base.

The listing has also given ThredUp access to the resources and expertise of a large public company. This includes access to some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. These partnerships will allow ThredUp to continue to grow and expand its operations.


ThredUp’s listing on the Nasdaq exchange is a milestone for the company and the entire second-hand clothing industry. With a valuation of $168 million and access to some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions, ThredUp is well-positioned to continue to revolutionize the traditional retail industry and create a more sustainable future.