The Importance of Reading and Tips to Encourage Children to Read

The Importance of Reading and Tips to Encourage Children to Read

Reading is a fantastic source of escaping the realities of the world and transporting to a new world where one’s imagination is responsible for craft everything around. Between the pages of a book, we can immerse ourselves deep into the lives of the characters, empathizing and relating to them.

Besides that, reading is a source of learning new words and phrases, experiences a range of new emotions, and getting to see the world with a new perspective.

With the learning potentials, the effect of reading at an early age has numerous benefits in a child’s development. It is essential for new parents to ensure that reading is a key part of a child’s daily activities.

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With that said, this post is going to be about the importance of reading for children, and its benefits in the development of the young readers.

The effects of reading on child development

Several research and studies conducted suggest only one thing: the mental stability of young scholars. There are multiple benefits that reading can have on a child’s development.

  1. Cognitive development

Forming perceptions and getting to know the world in reference to our intelligence, reasoning, language, development and information processing. Reading to children or with children can provide them with a deep understanding of the world in context. They acquire the knowledge and comprehend it with what they see, hear, and read. This process aids cognitive development.

2. Develop empathy

When we read a book, we immerse ourselves into the story. It helps us understand the situation of the characters, which allows us to feel what they feel. As for children, the characters of the book become their imagination, and they relate with them better than an adult. This makes them understand the emotion of empathy. They get a greater sense of emotion—one that they feel as well as for others. This is something that helps them in social development.

3.Gaining a deeper understanding of the world

A book holds the potential to imagine the world in different ways. It can take us to various journeys and different countries and fantasy worlds. Similarly, when a child reads books, they learn more about people and places that are difficult to understand otherwise. It gives them a deeper understanding of the world and nurtures cultural understanding in young scholars.

4. Builds stronger relations

Children do not know how to read. It is a parent that helps them understand the words and stories which can help them build a strong relationship with the child. Reading is an opportunity for the parents to build a strong bond with the children. It helps them feel the attention and love, which is the key to nurture a strong relationship.

Top ten books to inspire young readers

One of the greatest thing about a book is that it can inspire. Here is a list of ten books that can inspire young readers to boost their spirits.

  • Courage to Soar by Simone Biles

 A popular story of one of the Olympics Gold medalist—Simone Biles which dictates her life and struggles from being in foster care to earning fourteen gold medals. It is truly an inspiring story of staying positive ad having faith.

  • Shy by Deborah Freedman

As the name suggests, the story is simply about being shy. It is one of the most common social issues that children face. Shy is a great picture book that uses a story with illustrations to pull out the shyness of the children and enable them to embrace the wonders of life. 

  • Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty

The book consists of a series of pictures focused on sharing the stories of the two most adored and famous scientists Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie. This picture book illustrates the prominent moments of a breakthrough in science and teaches young readers about diversity.

  • Spouts: The Whale Who Saved Christmas

A motivational story of a young whale who is born different in this world. The story opens with Santa heading out on vacation to Hula Bear Island on a whale who has a baby. The baby is born with wings who is mocked by the others in the sea. However, instead of being demotivated by all the mockery the baby whale becomes the savior for Christmas and delivers the gifts all over the world.

  • Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

A Classic Children’s story that is inspired by a Chinese fairy tale that beautifully reminds the readers of beautiful stories and inspire them with fiction.

  • Oh, the Places you’ll go! By Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss is one of the renowned children’s books authors who is best known for his fictitious stories and engaging books. Oh, the Place you’ll go! It is one of the most cherished books in his collection. Filled with colorful illustrations, the book is an excellent reminder for the children about their potential.

  • How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers

A simple picture book that describes the tale of a young boy who wants to catch stars. Although the difficulties in chasing his dream, he didn’t quit on his quest. It turns out; there was something too different and something more than expected waiting for him than just the stars.

  • Gertie’s leap to greatness by Kate Beasley

This book is meant for elementary school readers that offers laughter and hurt. The book describes emotions that leads Gertie to become the best fifth grader in town when her mother leaves. Although Gertie’s life takes a negative turn, she turns it into something wonderful.

  • One Love by Cedella Marley

It is an ode to Bob Marley’s positively upbeat song “one Love” adapted by his child Cedella. It features beautiful illustrations by Vanessa Newton that inspires the young readers to get up and embrace the day.

  • One Minute by Somin Ahn

This adorable picture book tells the young scholars to read the time. Being a testament to living each passing minute with purpose and meaning, this children’s book is a great read to build concepts and profound life principles.