The Different Types of Items to Explore in a Catholic Shop Online

The major religion in Australia is Christianity with significant denominations including Angelicin, Catholic, Uniting Church, Eastern Orthodox, Presbyterian and Reformed, Baptist, and Lutheran. 22.6 per cent of Australians identify themselves as Catholic. Catholic shops online are often unexplored areas that people generally think of as reserved only for those who believe in spirituality. But everyone can explore the diverse array of items that these shops sell. In fact, today, in a Catholic shop online in Australia, you can find items like Columbian daily prayer eBooks that are perfect for reflection for people who are a part of prayer groups and parishes. You can buy both eBook and print versions together. Here are some other items that you can explore in a Catholic store.

Scented Beeswax Candles

Among the rich assortment of products in a Catholic shop online, one of the most popular ones is scented beeswax candles. Usually, these have a 40 hour burn time. You can find those that smell of highly fragrant chrism oil. The wax that a honeybee produces is regarded as purest and sweetest. It appropriately symbolises Christ’s love for humanity. These candles represent the presence of Christ in the individual believer. Hence, it can be a great gift that Catholics can buy and share.

Art Calendar 

Since the year 1980, the largest Christian denomination in Australia has been Catholicism. It comprises one-quarter of the total population. Catholic art calendar is excellent for those who want to stay organised. You can easily find such a calendar featuring stunning artworks in a good Catholic shop online in Australia. Moreover, you’ll be happy to know that in such a shop, the proceeds from your purchase goes to support work for uplifting the condition of vulnerable groups. 

You can use the art calendar as a gift or hang it up on your fridge. The latter will prove to be helpful for those who have a busy schedule. 

Shining Light Dolls

Today, you can find beautiful shining light dolls that are handcrafted and are incredibly soft to touch. The dolls are embellished with lovely embroidery. Most of such dolls come tagged with patronage and feast day information. They are extremely easy to clean and are also durable. You can use them on doorknobs, Christmas trees, fireplace mantles, and practically anywhere where you can find a hook.

Catholic Planner

Catholic planners are handy as they are a great combination of a journal and planner. They are ideal for Catholics who want to grow their faith and fulfil their present or coming year goals. Today you can find planners with many features, like a Saint of the Month, Saint Feast Days, the Monthly Liturgical Calendar, and Gospel verses. 

Such a calendar also features a lot of space for reflection and a designated section for you to mark off daily good habits. They also make for an ideal gift for your co-workers, relatives and students.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces serve not only as home décor, but they also help you show your faith. You can place pieces like a tabletop cross pedestal at any place in your home. It also is a very inspirational gift that you can give to someone on occasions like a baby shower, baptism, or birthday. Such accent pieces are made of resin polymer stone material. Accent pieces that have a pedestal base enable the figurine on top to stand firmly on the table or the shelf.

Now you can be assured you’ll find many items to explore in a Catholic shop online. Choose those items that appeal to you. They serve the dual purpose of always reminding you of your faith and as great gift items.