Selling your preowned items online

household goods

Everybody dreams of having a paying hobby, and de-junking and selling on could be the start of yours, especially when you see the amount of money that is coming in and the amount of junk going out. You could start saving towards that dream holiday you have always wanted or a makeover of your home. 

Making money from unwanted items

There is a fantastic market of people that are looking to buy second-hand goods, whether they are clothes, shoes, accessories, or much larger items like TVs, fridge freezers, or couches. It makes no sense to throw away items that still have life in them or are still useable. Many households have loads of items that are not used or clothes that do not get worn and are simply money tied up that could be used on other things.

De-junking your home can be therapeutic in itself, but then making money from the items that you want to get rid of is even better. You do not have to hold yard sales – unless, of course, you want to. There are plenty of sites on the internet that offer marketplace-style selling, such as eBay and Facebook, to name just a couple. This means that you could sell in your local area if you want, or you can open up your marketplace and sell your items all over the world.

Enticing your customers 

When you are selling your items, it is a good idea to offer some kind of shipping, especially if you are looking to sell countrywide or even worldwide, as this will entice potential customers to buy from you. This is where it is very handy to know a business that will give you the quotes you need in order for you to pass on accurate information to your customers. Even when you are looking at household goods shipping, there are businesses that will provide you with quotes from various businesses all over the world so you and your customer can select the best option for you and your household goods.

Another good way of enticing people to buy from you, especially when you are selling through a platform such as eBay, is to use their bidding auctions and start your items off cheap. This will entice people to place bids which will drive the price up. However, you do have to be aware that you are obliged to sell the item even if it sells for a pittance and not the kind of money you would really have liked for it. To get around this problem, it is a good idea to place a reserve price on your item. This is so that if your auction does not reach your desired price, you do not have to sell it, and you can relist it again.

How to receive good feedback

On sites such as eBay, good feedback is crucial to the running of your selling area. If you have too much negative feedback, your account will be suspended or closed by eBay. 

The best way to keep your feedback good and healthy is to make sure that you are honest with your listing details and that you give as much information about your item as possible. That you provide as many photos as you can and offer to answer any questions that potential customers may ask of you. After you have sold your item, let your customers know what is going on with their order every step of the way, from the point of sale and payment through to it being posted and on its way.