Professional FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant

Men and women both suffer from hair loss. It can be prevented in many ways but when this hair fall turns into baldness, Hair Transplant remains the only solution! Every year millions of people get a hair transplant and grasp satisfactory results. Hence, this is the leading reason behind its success.

To get a Hair Transplant or not is always the debate. As the majority is afraid of surgical procedures due to the myths revolving around them. To keep you aware of its certainties we’ve written this article for you! This will clear every single doubt of yours regarding a Professional FUE hair transplant in Dubai. As we all know that professional FUE is the latest approach that’s why we have covered this one.

Before we get into the details of this transplant, let’s find out what exactly it’s!

Professional FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant in Dubai is a modern technique for hair restoration. Its procedure is based on extracting the hair grafts from the donor area to implant them back on the bald region. However, these grafts can be collected without making any incisions. Typically, extraction procedures can be carried out through the artistic talent of the surgeon by directly picking the hairpieces instead of acquiring the strip of skin.

Hence, there will be higher chances of a successful transplant only when your surgeon is an expert and you’re having enough hair in the donor area.

After how long I can see the results?

Everyone who’s considering having a hair transplant is curious about its results. Although they’re permanent. But still, the majority is having plenty of doubts regarding this.

After a few weeks of transplant, the transplanted hair will fall out. Typically, they appear as black dots on the scalp however within 3-4 months patients will know whether they had a successful hair transplant or not. But keep showing patience. Don’t assume the results of surgery after a few months, hold-on for at least one year before you see the final results of the transplant.

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Important considerations after transplant!

After having a professional FUE hair transplant, you can leave the hospital on the same day or most probably with a stay of one night. Scalp would be covered with bandages along with some pain and most likely you need to take some pain killers for it. Typically, patients receive a medical report in which aftercare instructions are written on it. Several leading clinics of Dubai offering strict follow-up programs that usually involves,

1. Go for bandage removal on a particular day.

2. Frequent checkup for evaluating transplant condition.

3. Carefully wash your scalp after 5-6 days.

4. Discontinue physical activities for at least a week.

5. Get some pain killers for relieving discomfort.

Is FUE better than FUT?

If we compare a Professional FUE hair transplant in Dubai with FUT hair transplant in Dubai then of course FUE is a quite better decision. Hence, it’s the latest one and doesn’t involve any severe incisions. But it’s difficult to consider this as the replacement of FUT. Both are effective in their perspective.

When a patient’s primary goal is to cover the excess baldness in the scalp, FUT is suggested along. This is because, in this technique, more hair grafts can be attained, which is the utmost demand in severe bald scalp. On the other hand, when we talk about FUE, it’s best for those who’re having minimal baldness and afraid of acquiring intense surgical practices.

Keep one thing in mind! Along with FUE, there is a need of cutting donor hair short. So if you want to evade a short haircut, FUT would be a better option for you.

Will my hair transplant look natural?

As far as your surgeon is an expert, there would be zero chance of artificial consequences. Results of professional FUE hair transplant would be certainly natural so that no one can even identify that you had some treatment.

Hence, patients bearing baldness in the crown area will have fewer chances of mock appearance comparative to hair receding. For sure, the front part is more visible than the mid one. This means that when baldness is on the front line, a hair transplant needs to be performed carefully. Proficient skills are necessary for placing hair grafts in the appropriate direction to reveal the natural look.


Professional FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai starts with AED 6,999. It increases as per the extent of the number of grafts and skills of surgeons. To know the exact cost in your case, visit the nearest specialist.

Let’s conclude

Professional FUE hair transplant in Dubai is perfect to challenge baldness safely. Expert surgeons disperse the hair follicles separately and implant them on the bald region. Various clinics in Dubai are offering microsurgical methods to attain scarless results.

The majority is having faith in “Dynamic clinic” which is the leading provider for hair transplants since 2000.