Product Review: Web site JBOX.COM

Product Review: Web site JBOX.COM

I love this web site. It has so many things to choose from and if your into anime this is a great place to buy cute things.

I found it because of their bento products. I have ordered pics and little things previously and they came in two weeks! and being shipped from Japan I thought that it would be longer, but I was happily surprised!

In browsing different websites on bento in Indonesia, I stumbled upon an item that I could not get here in the states and the two web sites that ship to US from Japan, with a very reasonable cost did not carry it. I remembered say that if you see something that they don’t carry just ask and they will try to get it. So I asked. Few months passed and I did not go on their site cause of my move and all. Then about 3 weeks ago I did and they had my item!!! I was freaking out! It was reasonably priced and shipping was minimal. If I would have tried to get the item from the Indonesian site just the item would have been easily doubled and shipping was crazy.

Suzy Zoo bento book and kit was the item I had to have because of the cute silicon molds to make the characters for my little kiddos bento- ARRG SO CUTE!


So I ordered it and got it again in two weeks. It came without any problems as before and I am SOOO HAPPY! carries all the Japanese kinds of toys, bento, kitchen, games, books, magazines, study aids, clothing you could want and even snacks!


Check out the Doritos that they like in Japan that they don’t sell here in the US, it is cool to see the different but somewhat similar item that they carry in snacks. They also have many cute candies that kiddos would love.

If your into Hello Kitty, manga, anime this is the place. Products get added all the time so always keep them in check. They have had Pokemon in the past too, but the other day their Pokemon bento was gone 🙁 sadly my kiddo lost out. I am sure in a week or two they will be in stock again. They are good like that.

I can easily say that going to is a Momma must have if you want cute and unique gifts.

MommaSays: Their motto is “You’ve got a friend in Japan” and now they are my new BFF for sure!

Product Review: Web site JBOX.COM