Different Styles of Pergolas to Waterproof and Shade Your Patio

Different Styles of Pergolas to Waterproof and Shade Your Patio

Pergola is one of the popular features of your garden that adds beauty and elegance to your property. Supported by the arches or columns, pergolas can either be small or large. Let us go through some of the different styles of pergolas.

Deck Roof Panels Cover

During nights, when you do not want to get your pergolas chilled, consider installing the deck roof panels cover. These covers generally protect your deck from harsh wind and rain and will be useful in protecting your pergola also. As they come in different styles, you may select from the screened or the solid ones. If you want to beautify more, you can add different accessories or customized lights to give you a fantastic look at night.

Side CoversĀ 

Though used throughout the year, the pergola side covers may provide added protection during the winter. They keep moisture away from the wood so that the structure lasts longer without warping or rotting being exposed to the weather. The side covers are generally made of waterproof materials like plastic or metal sheets and vinyl. These covers will require a regular cleaning schedule as they are made of fabric sometimes. But if you go for the metal or wood side covers, the maintenance will be much easier as they do not require cleaning very frequently.

Canopy CoversĀ 

A Canopy cover is the best pergola shade cover that is available in a huge range of colors and styles. You should select wisely according to your preference that matches the aesthetics of your home in a perfect manner. They generally come in wood, vinyl, or metal and some of them have lighting features in them.

Waterproof And Sun Shade Roof

The sunshade covers protect you both from cold and heat. They are generally made of metal frames that are supported by fabric with metal rods. For every individual frame, you can customize and design according to your preference.

Wooden Covers

When you want to extend the life of your wooden pergola covers, you may use wooden pergola covers. It will protect your patio or garden from the natural elements and will also add beauty. While selecting the wooden covers, you should check out whether the areas are prone to very hot summers with harsh winds or chilly winters. When you are sure enough that your wooden covers will be able to withstand such weather conditions, then only you should go about it.

Heavy Duty Covers

When you are living in areas of huge rainfall or snow, heavy-duty covers will be functional. The best covers are made with PVC plastics or polythene. They can withstand both extreme cold and heat without cracking, tearing, or similar other conditions.


When you are selecting the pergola covers for your outdoor space, consider the weather conditions in the area you are staying. The covers will enhance the beauty, providing you with the required protection. Different styles of covers have different features and you should select them according to your requirements and preferences. As you are making a long-term investment, make sure you are selecting the covers wisely.