New ideas of custom box packaging in USA

custom box packaging

Can you tell us some trending ideas regarding custom box packaging in the USA? If not so, we will be giving you some suggestions in this regard, following which can boost your business. While running a business, marketers have to look upon various factors to increase their market share. They consider factors such as store layout, overhead costs, the performance of the employees, etc. However, they often ignore one of the most important factors in this regard, which is custom box packaging. It is extremely significant to consider how your packaging is playing a role in presenting your products and brands. To ensure that your packaging contributes to the exponential growth of your company, we have put together a list of some general packaging trends in the USA. Have a look at these trends to offer a memorable experience to your consumers.


Customization and personalization of the custom box are becoming a popular trend in all states of the USA. Communication with the targeted audience is a daunting task for all brands. Especially online businesses cannot make face-to-face interactions with their customers. Therefore, customization provides you with the opportunity to communicate directly to your potential clients. For instance, you can print the name of the customer on the box who is buying a specific product from your brand.

Similarly, you can design your box in some alluring shapes and accurate sizes to impress the clients in the first-ever look. The top brands are utilizing the latest printing methods to make the customers happy with high-quality printing. To up your game with the customization and personalization of the product packaging, know the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience. Once you understand their taste, you can customize your packaging according to that.


Modern-day consumers like to buy cardboard boxes having a vintage touch in their design. That is why the concept of retro packaging is gaining more popularity all across the globe. Every customer out there in the market has some beautiful childhood or past memories. The manufacturers are reminding their consumers about their beautiful past moments through their box design. Follow this trend and engage more and more clients through your box design. For instance, colors have a special place in the life of everyone. 

Each color is associated with a specific emotion and convey different message or feelings to the people. Therefore, play with different colors to raise certain kinds of emotions in the clients. This will give a message to the shoppers that they can relate with you, which will ultimately build their confidence in your brand products. Some playful patterns and charismatic stylization effects can also be used to offer a vintage experience to your customers.

Sheer panelling

Induce single or multiple window panels on the lid of your packaging box is a popular new packaging idea. Many manufacturers prefer to induce these panels on the front of their box as well. Make sure to capitalize on this trend, as it will ultimately lead to the success of your business. Adding these panels will make your box transparent, and the customers will be able to see the inside item without any obstacle. 

The modernized shoppers demand transparency while shopping in the retail market. They do not have enough time to unpack every product to see whether the object inside is worth buying or not. The transparent windows will enable the customers to have a look at the goods inside without requiring them to unpack the box. This affects their purchasing behaviour so; do not forget to capitalize on this idea.


Impressing the clients through a creative unboxing experience is a new packaging trend in the market. So, make the unwrapping of your items a fun and exciting experience for your potential clients. This way, they will associate the same feelings with your brand, which will make you stand apart in the competitive industry. Everyone likes to have freebies so, offer your consumers a free sample along with your product to attract their attention. Similarly, you can place some coupons inside your product packaging to encourage people to buy from your brand again. Some handwritten notes saying “thank you” to your potential consumers can also prove beneficial in this regard.


The marketers have confessed that simple is the new norm now. This is because the customers do not like complexity when it comes to the design of the box. Every second manufacturer is upping its designing game by incorporating complex patterns and bold color themes. 

Many marketers still think that they should use bold themes to make their custom boxes stand out in the market. However, this is completely wrong, as the customers have now become so accustomed to bold themes that they do not even look at the boxes having these themes. Stay simple when designing your box by using simple and minimalist color themes, patterns, and typography. This tactic will grab the attention of people, and they will prefer buying your items.


Want to make your company on top of the list when a new customer search for the “best box company near me” on the internet? Keep the satisfaction of the customers your top priority then. The more customers are satisfied with your product packaging, the more positive reviews you will receive on the social media page or website of your company. However, the question is how you can satisfy the customers with your custom boxes. 

The answer to this is to offer convenience in multiple ways. For instance, make your boxes easier to handle by making them light in weight. Similarly, your boxes should be easy to open or close, flexible, durable, and eco-friendly. Working on incorporating all these features in your custom boxes will satisfy the customers, and your brand will become their preferred choice for buying certain items. Concluding to the point that custom box packaging should be seen from a perspective of marketing strategy irrespective of which type of product you are selling. In the USA, various packaging ideas are trending this time. Take advantage by following all those trends. Vintage packaging is a unique concept that is making consumers happier. Besides, the see-through feature is also grabbing the attention of people.