Mickey & Minnie Bento

I am making My bento for my kiddo this day in homage to Mickey Mouse. Well thanks to PT we are going to Florida!!!!  We are also going to see the BIG CHEESE, himself Mickey too, YEA!  My Mickey is made of cheese quesadilla’s with salami and nori face. I also added some apple wedges, tricolor of cherry tomatoes, radish carved with a heart, peanuts, couple cherries, slice of orange and carrot flowers .

I have not told my kiddo we are taking her to see Disney, I just said were visiting her Pt (that is what she calls her Grandpa) and maybe at the end of the trip we can possibly try to make it to Disney.  Little does she know were actually staying at the Disney resort! She is going to freak out I just cannot wait.  Her Pt is AWESOME for planning this! We have never done something as nice as this and it will be so fun.  SO MommaSays.net will be offline unless I get a chance to post some interesting stuff so no fears I will be back online the week of Feb 13th.

Tip:To make the cut out easier I just sketched a quick Mickey face shape onto paper and used it as a template to cut out the shape from a cooked quesadilla, then again with the salami. This made it SUPER EASY!

MommaSays: Make some magic with lunch, your kiddos will be eating a wonderful world of delicious foods.