Male Pattern Baldness Treatment for Men

Baldness Treatment for men

Getting affected by baldness in your early 30s isn’t surprising to hear. Around 65% of men lose their hair in this age period and seeks the exact cause behind it. Now it’s the time to bust the myths that wearing hats or cap can make you bald or any combing or styling can be a reason, they all are just lame beliefs that people still hold even in this 21st century. Hair Transplant in Dubai

Male pattern baldness is also termed as androgenic alopecia which isn’t a medical problem but surely a beauty concern. Among several treatments for baldness, your dermatologist will advise you on the best option you should go with it. But when it comes to the best technique to deal with excessive hair loss or pattern baldness in Dubai, there is no other best option than hair transplants.

What’s the exact cause behind Male Pattern Baldness?

The most basic reason behind male pattern baldness is the hormonal disorder as excessive production of hormone can distract the regrowth of the cycle and makes the hair thinner and short. Besides this, several other reasons like imbalanced diet, stress, pills side effects, or environmental pollution can become a root for the male pattern baldness

Furthermore, if you’ve seen a lot of bald people in your family, then there is the chance that you may get bald in the future because genetics is one of its major causes.

How would I know that I’m suffering from pattern baldness?

It’s quite tough to determine whether baldness is about to target me or not but several indications have proved that pattern baldness doesn’t occur instantly. It’s pretty gradual process appears initially in the form of minor thinning on the specific part of the scalp.

After this, it gets more visible to your friends and family and they usually start asking about it. Though, it’s important to visit an expert in the initial periods of hair loss before it gets late.

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How to deal with it? Is Hair Transplant effective for male pattern baldness?

After diagnosing the male pattern baldness, you should seek expert advice immediately, mostly dermatologists suggest a suitable treatment option in consideration of patients’ concern. However, if you’re comfortable with your appearance then there is no need to get any treatment but it’s a very rare chance. Losing hair can be disappointing and embarrassing for everyone.

Hair transplants are effective for handling male pattern baldness or not? For clearing this query, we’ve compiled all the necessary information that you must know. 

According to the latest research, around 86% of people have gained benefit from transplantation technique while treating the male pattern baldness. So, we can easily conclude that Male pattern baldness can be easily preserved with Hair Transplants.

The surgeon first inspects the scalp condition by determining the thickness of the donor site and the number of hair follicles you will be needing to get a Hair Transplant. As per the procedure complexity, doctors will decide the technique they will be using in the transplantation process whether FUE or FUT.

Through FUE or FUT, hair follicles are removed and then implanted on the bald site by making small holes. The whole surgery is intended with the natural results by considering the suitable thickness and density of hair.

Anyhow, the entire process is executed under general anesthesia and would take 5-7 hours to complete as per the baldness difficulty and aesthetic demands.

Patients will be needing to show patience because the fallouts are pretty slow and gradual, the newly emerging hair will begin to appear almost after 3-4 months of the procedure and complete results can take up to one year.

What are the other treatment options?

When it comes to other treatment choices for hair loss or male baldness, everyone thinks of pills as they’re the most noticeable way to handle badness non-surgically. Minoxidil is the FDA-approved medication and when you apply it on your scalp, the rate of hair fall gets down but when you stop using it hair loss gets back again.

Other than Hair Transplants, there is no proper cure for pattern baldness but some conduct can slow down the process. You can consider some common techniques and treatments that can help in dealing with male pattern baldness.

  1. Hair wigs
  2. Laser treatments
  3. PRP injections
  4. Oral medications & ointments
  5. Up-gradation in lifestyles by eradicating smoking, stress, and poor diet.
  6. Natural remedies including oiling of hair, taking fresh juices, and usage of herbal products.

Wrapping it up!

This article concludes that Hair Transplants are the only effective way to treat male pattern baldness but in case you notice the hair loss timely, it can also be easily handled with laser treatments, PRP injections, or even natural remedies. Meanwhile, reduce the growing stress by taking part in soothing and relaxing activates such as walking, listening to music, and enjoy a peaceful time.

A best Hair Transplant demands 3500 to 4000 hair grafts, and during one session almost 2000 can be placed as it’s the time taking process that demands extra care and attention of the doctor. In Dubai, get the best surgeons at Dynamic clinic.

Furthermore, in case you don’t get effective outcomes from one session of hair transplant, get the other one instantly however maximum of three sessions would be enough to deal with extreme cases of male pattern baldness.