Making your Products Stand Out with Custom Packaging Sleeves

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The advancement in technology has led to the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry, and today it is one of the fiercely competitive sectors in the global economy. According to an estimate, the global e-commerce industry is likely to worth a staggering $4.88 trillion by next year (2021). 

What does this suggest? It means we get to see more players and a higher number of e-commerce customers. Thanks to the growing popularity of online shopping and, more recently, the spread of the novel Coronavirus, the e-commerce industry will witness massive growth in the days to come. Lately, consumer habits have shown that people are moving from desktops to the convenience of smartphones to make purchases. 

In fact, countless online stores have reported that over 50 percent of their sales were done on mobile devices.  

So the question arises: How can you stick out when e-commerce is getting more saturated with every passing day? One solution is custom packaging sleeves.

How can Sleeve Box Make Your Purchase Memorable?

In a dynamic and competitive marketplace like e-commerce, there is one underrated aspect that is now quickly grasping attention—custom packaging sleeves.  

A premium bespoke sleeve box is more than just a vessel to transport your product. If done right, it plays a central role in drawing attention and influencing onlookers. Here are some solid reasons for your online business to begin using custom packaging sleeves.   

Create a Positive First Impression 

An overcrowded marketplace that is filled with a barrage of brand and product messaging often confuses customers. However, an innovative and unique first impression can empower your brand to stick out. Bear in mind, human beings are highly visual creatures, and they store information just as they see it. 

For this reason, eye-pleasing custom packaging sleeves not only capture attention but manages to retain it, be it physical or online stores.  

Create a Stand Out Brand 

Making custom sleeve box a part of your marketing plan and branding can turn out to be rewarding. The attention-grabbing and colorful design, together with your brand name and logo, creates a brand recall that will keep you ahead of the rival brands. Make the most of this opportunity and increase brand awareness further. 

Packaging is a reflection of your brand. If your brand is all about luxury, personalize your sleeve box to project that personality by infusing subtle colors and graphics. But if your brand’s personality is more rugged, use aggressive design with primary colors to make a memorable statement. 

Lack design skills? Hire a full-service custom packaging sleeves supplier like The Legacy Printing to design and manufacture your packaging from scratch. It’s way better than finding a resource Upwork or Fiverr. 

Effective Way to Boost Social Media Shares 

Leveraging custom sleeve box is an ideal way to spread the word about your brand and products on social media. You can find a horde of creative packaging photos on Instagram. If you post your sleeve box images with unique hashtags, it will certainly create excitement among your buyers and encourage them to share the pictures of your products along with your exquisite packaging. 

Boost Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction 

When it comes down to brand loyalty, 44 percent of the buyers said during a survey that when a product comes packed in premium packing, it restores their confidence in the amount they have splurged to purchase it. That’s an excellent way to boost brand loyalty and customer satisfaction because when a customer is confident of their purchase, they are more likely to buy again from you and endorse your brand.