Is The Griffiths Scale Reliable? Know Everything About It!


The Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS) is one of the tests that are used to assess the development of infants and young children. Although this system has been a topic of debate over the years, still it has been referred to as one of the reliable tests that others have available alternatives. For those who don’t know what Griffiths Mental Development Scale is, let’s get to understand it – 

What is GMDS (Griffiths Mental Development Scale)? 

The Griffiths Mental Development Scale (GMDS) is a range of widely used methods that paediatricians and psychologists use to measure the rate of development in infants as well as young children below the age of 8 years. 

This standardised testing tool for children from the age of 0 to 6 years is designed to assess development in the following subscales, including the foundations of the learning scale during the early age of childhood like memory, play, and problem-solving. 

What are the skills that GMDS can have for successful Asses? 

There are several different skills that can be successfully assessed by GMDS. Some of these skills are – 

i) Locomotor – The locomotor sub-scale assesses the gross motor skills that include the ability to balance & coordination & control movements. 

ii) Eye & Head coordination – One of the sub-scale of GMDS also focuses on the fine motor skills in the kids along with the manual dexterity & visual monitoring skills. 

iii) Personal-Social Skills – GMDS is also effective to measure proficiency in all the activities necessary for daily living like level of independence & interaction with other children. 

iv) Hearing & Language Skills – Assessing the skill of hearing, expressive language, and receptive language is another one that can be done by one of the subscale of Griffiths Mental Development Scale.

v) Performance – Assessing the developing ability to reason through tasks including speed of operating and precision. 

vi) Practical Reasoning – Another skill set that you can successfully assess using Griffiths Mental Development Scale is the practical reasoning skill. This measures the ability of a child between the ages of 2 to 8 years to solve practical problems and understand basic mathematical concepts. In addition to this, this sub-scale can also help assess the understanding of moral issues in the kids between the same age group. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the skills that psychologists and paediatricians can assess using the Griffiths Mental Development Scale. With Griffiths Mental Development Scale comes different sub-scales which are used by paediatricians and psychologists to detect the development of the children in different aspects. So, if you are looking for a way using which you can assess the overall development of infants and young children. So, if you are among those parents who are looking for help in getting to understand more about Griffiths Mental Development Scale assessment system, there are many places they can go to. At Quirky Kid, we have trained experts who can help you understand the concept of Griffiths Mental Development Scale (GMDS). So, wait no more and understand it better.