Is Independent Living Right for You?

Independent living

Managing daily life only gets harder as time goes on. It’s a reality that you’ve probably felt has been creeping up on you over the last few years. Getting up the stairs, preparing meals, organizing your finances, and taking care of yourself becomes either painful or more challenging with age. You feel it. There’s no doubt.

Independent living is an interesting concept you may have heard about from friends who’ve tried it. Maybe it will provide a meaningful alternative to transform daily living while retaining what matters to you, including seeing friends and family. But is it right for you? Let’s explore that. 

What is an Independent Living Community?

The idea with independent living is to make life more comfortable while still keeping what is meaningful to you. Making arrangements for a booking at a restaurant for lunch, or to spend time with family in the expansive gardens is pleasurable. Having space to get together and maintain friendships is important and the hospitality team at Portside at Grande Dunes knows that well. 

With many facilities in one place, it becomes easier to get things done. However, the community is also protective and designed with seniors in mind. So, help is at hand if you suddenly run into unexpected difficulties, which can happen occasionally. Best of all, there’s no more home maintenance required. No lawn to mow, no backyard to upkeep, or snow to remove from the driveway in winter. That’s all taken care of. 

Does It Offer Better Facilities than at Home?

The facilities available depend largely on the independent living facility. There could be a pool and a place to relax in a sun lounger at the poolside. This is a great opportunity for the grandkids to come and play as you work on your tan. Alternatively, you can chat with your grown children at the poolside while they keep an eye on the little ones to ensure they don’t get themselves into trouble. Creating art is a passion for many and some facilities provide art studios or other facilities to support this hobby too. 

Can You Be More Active?

Getting out for a walk or to play golf can help you to keep active. Some facilities have virtual golf to practice your swing without needing to navigate rough terrain. Otherwise, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your free time while keeping physically active. Some independent living communities share game rooms to get your competitive spirits flowing. For the more active seniors, playing tennis or another sport is possible too. Facilities are usually situated near to other busy communities to leave open many options to get more involved. 

What About Making New Friends?

Friends and family are welcome to visit. Some communities include guest rooms that may be rented for overnight stays. This saves you needing to leave late in the evening in search of a hotel. 

Making new friends is made simpler with people of a similar age living in nearby apartments. Sharing cafés, dining rooms, and other facilities encourages conversations and the development of new friendships. 

When you’re thinking about making a change, independent living is one approach to take. It won’t mean sacrificing your freedom, but it could well enhance your daily living experience.

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