Whether you want to redo a tired looking office or drive more customers into your shop, on site spraying is a fast and effective way to improve the overall look of your commercial establishments. Even though we’re told never to judge a book by its cover, the fact is, we all form our first impression based on what we see visually. So, in business where consumers are spoilt for choice, making your commercial properties look exciting and inviting is key to getting customers inside. Fortunately, refreshing your commercial property with a new look need not be time-consuming, costly or expensive. With the help of professional on site spraying you can redo the cladding, windows, doors and ceilings of your commercial buildings. You can continue your business as usual and the on site spraying will be done without any disruption in your day to day affairs. Let us look into the main areas in which spray painting can add a fresh life to your commercial property and business:


Suspended ceilings can be found in almost all commercial establishments these days and they are ideal for concealing electrical cabling, plumbing, and other unsightly fixes. However over time suspended ceilings can get stained and discoloured and hence the need for regular maintenance to keep looking their best. Ceiling on site spray painting is a great way to refresh the appearance of a suspended ceiling, without having to swap the existing tiles. Everything outside of the spray zone gets be carefully masked thereby eliminating the need to remove fixtures and furniture. The complete spraying process can be finished out of business hours and hence there is no need to close the business for renovation.

Shop Fronts

Being exposed to the natural elements in all seasons can cause shop fronts to fadeaway and show signs of wear and tear. Environmental pollution caused due to traffic and the toxic air waste generated by industries affects the building and reduces the quality, appearance and efficiency of shop fronts. Spray painting your shop front on site is the best way to undo the effects of unpredictable weather, dangerous toxins and regular wear and tear. You can customize the paint colour to a shade of your choice to complement your brand colours. Additionally, you can also specify flat and metallic finishes, in a variety of gloss levels to provide a highly sustainable top coat.


On site window spray painting is a popular way to refresh the appearance of commercial offices, retail units and industrial establishments. Shop fronts, aluminium window frames, and other components are continuously exposed to the harmful effects of natural elements like sunlight, wind and rain. All of these can degrade a building’s appearance and deteriorate it. On site window spray painting offers a cost-effective way to protect and give a new look to the windows without having to replace them. By using a combination of two pack epoxy primers, and durable finishing coats with pigment and resin technology, the entire set of windows can be transformed in a matter of a few hours. The long lasting and high-quality finish makes windows appear as new, while the fast-drying application means the whole job can be completed with minimal disruption to your business.


Cladding panels are most commonly used in the construction of retail and industrial spaces but just like any other external façade, the natural elements can take a toll on them. On site spray painting can improve the look and appearance of the panelling, trims and soffits and thereby help in restoring the cladding back to its original and best form. Spray painting directly onto the already placed cladding provides excellent adhesion and consistent application results in a smooth finish that will be long lasting.