Ideas for Celebrating Your Kid’s Achievements


Seeing your child achieve something (whether it be at school, in a sporting competition or in some other context) is one of the proudest moments any parent will experience. If you want to make sure that your kid knows how proud you are of them and what they have achieved, here are some ideas for fun, family-friendly celebrations.

Sporting achievements

Most kids will get involved in playing sports at some point, whether as part of their physical education class, through an after-school or weekend club or simply as part of their playtime with their friends. If you want to celebrate your kid’s achievements in sports a good idea is to get them involved in experiencing the more professional, ‘big-time’ side of sports. Little one’s team came first in their Little League tournament? Buy your kid some Major League baseball tickets and take them to see the professionals play. It will inspire them to keep going and become even better at their sport, and of course it will be a blast for the whole family.


Kids, especially those of elementary school age, are often required to participate in stage performances such as pageants for Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays. Taking part in a performance is some kids’ dream and other kids’ nightmare, as it can be a fun-filled time to shine for confident children and a terrifying moment in the spotlight for shy, insecure ones. Whether your kid was the star of the show or simply made you and themselves proud by getting over their stage fright, reward them by taking them to see a professional performance. Going to the theatre is huge fun, it’s a great way to keep people of all ages entertained, and it has been shown by educational researchers to have many other benefits such as teaching kids to think outside the box.

Academic achievements

Childhood and adolescence are not, unfortunately, all about being carefree: many kids are put under great pressure at school and keeping their grades up can become a stressful and all-consuming pursuit, especially as kids get older and start thinking about careers they would like to pursue or colleges they want to attend. If you want to reward your kid for an outstanding academic achievement, the best way to go about it might be to treat them to something relaxing, like a spa day. Let your kid know that you’re proud of how hard they worked and that it’s time to unwind. Learning self-care is just as important as learning how to be a good worker.

A word to the wise

In all of these areas and more remember that achieving something doesn’t always mean coming out on top. For a kid who has struggled to understand long division and has been failing their Math tests for a while, getting a relatively low passing grade is a great achievement. Your extremely shy little one who delivered their one line in the school pageant while looking at the audience rather than their shoes did something fantastic. Make sure your kids know how proud you are of them!