How to Stylise Your Bathroom Mirrors and Make Them Look Unique?

What are the things that we usually consider to be the essential features of bathrooms? Tubs, faucets, sinks and commodes, tiles and flooring, too. But what we tend to ignore is a bathroom mirror, that imparts the finishing touch, and completes the look of your bathroom.

A mirror, that acts both as a statement and an important component of functionality, needs to be chosen as per your taste, requirement, the layout and look of your bathroom.

While it is quite easy to put up a regular mirror above your bathroom sink, or putting up a humble mirrored cabinets that would also fit in your bathroom essentials, there are a number of other ways to alleviate the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

You can go for a costly luxury mirror anytime, but can also save some penny, yet glam up your bathroom, using these tips and tricks.

You Can Suspend a Mirror/Mirrors from the Ceiling: When there is space shortage on the wall, putting up a mirror can be a bit of a challenge. But you still want a mirror in your bathroom, isn’t it?

If this is your problem, you can give it a thought of suspending a mirror or more than one mirror from the ceiling. It will enhance the look of your bathroom, yet be minimalist. It will also enhance the functionality of your bathroom by adding a little private area, or help in back-to-back plumbing.

Transforming Your Bathroom Wall Into A Mirror Itself: Is that even possible? Well, why not? Lighting in rooms can be a big concern when the rooms are smaller than usual or there is a lack of mirrors. In this case, a wraparound mirror works the best. A floor-to-ceiling mirror creates an illusion that the room has greater space and reflects light in the maximum possible way.

While this type works very well for smaller bathrooms, this is on the higher side of pricing. The floor-to-ceiling mirror is custom made as per the space, making it costlier. Also, a part of the mirror is not changeable if it gets scratches or stains. The whole mirror needs to be replaced in that case.

Layered Mirrors Can Double Up Their Functionality: Are bathrooms that one part of your house that you want people to notice the most when they visit? Or, do you find bathrooms to be the best thing to impress you? Then definitely opt for these layered mirrors.

Double-mirrors look classy, creative and add a dimension to your bathroom by enhancing the reflection of light in the space.

But setting up a layered mirror can be tricky. When planning to install one of this kind, look for smaller, framed decorative mirrors that can accentuate your styling of the bathroom. But do not try your hand in installing it yourself, as it may be tricky.

Your Bathroom Window Could Be Mirrored: If there is a space constraint in your bathroom, and you are not very confident about suspending mirrors from the ceiling, you can as well use the windows to hang your new mirror.

While this can be one of the most creative ways of setting up a mirror in the bathroom, this can be the trickiest of them all too. Why tricky? Because you might face some difficulty in choosing a mirror that fits your mirror but doesn’t cover it completely, allowing some natural light to enter.

And finally,

Setting up Multiple Mirrors to Create an Impact: If you love the idea of a wall full of mirrors but do not go through the hassle of a custom-made installation process, then hanging multiple mirrors on the wall, framed and of different shapes and sizes might be your solution.

This will give your bathroom an artsy, classical look. And the best part is, with the right type of spacing, these mirrors will not only play the role of mirrors but also double up as decorative pieces that accentuate the overall look of your house.

Mirrors are highly essential for obvious reasons to be set up in the bathrooms, but necessities don’t always need to be plain or disinteresting. Reusing and recycling antique, heirloom mirrors and put along with modern furnishing, creates custom-designed mirrored walls, and a ravishing place that will stand out no matter what.

If none of these are feasible for you, good old glass cabinets are always there to help. They are not only helpful, and save a lot of space, but also look good. And a destination to get an assortment of glass cabinets online at affordable prices? It should definitely be Glass Cabinets Direct.