How to Refresh Your Wardrobe

You start to get dressed and realize, “I have nothing to wear!” This statement isn’t quite true, though. You probably have a closet full of clothes. The problem is that you don’t have anything that you feel good about wearing.

Maybe your wardrobe is outdated or you just have nothing that makes you feel confident. Or maybe you’ve been hitting the gym and nothing fits quite right anymore. In any case, it’s time for a new wardrobe, and these tips can help you fill your closet with an outfit for most occasions.

Start With What You Have

Before you run out the door on a shopping spree, take some time to pull every single piece of clothing out of your closet. Then, try them all on. You’ll likely find at least a few pieces you still love and declutter your space all at once.

When you do, take note of what you love about them so that you can look for items that provide something similar. Also, list any items that you are keeping and take that list with you. This will help ensure you find items to match.

For the items you don’t love, do the same. Pay attention to what you don’t love about them – the sleeves, the neckline, the length, or the color. As soon as you decide you’re not keeping them, put them in a bag or box and drop them off at a donation center before you shop.

Be Bold

When most people arrive at a clothing store, they see an item that snags their attention. It’s bold, it’s daring, and they can imagine the joy of wearing it. After a minute, though, they get self-conscious. They think that maybe it’s a little too bold and daring, and they quickly hang it back on the rack.

Put those doubts to the side and be bold with your wardrobe choices. As you pick your items, don’t think about what others might think. Pay attention to how you feel. Attitude is as big a part of your look as the clothes. If you feel good wearing it, that’s all that matters.

And a Little Plain

While having some bold items in your closet is always a good thing, be sure you add some plain, timeless items as well. These will come in handy for a variety of occasions when you just need to finish out an outfit.

Learn to Accessorize

You can wear the most simple outfit in the world but still look incredible with the right shoes and accessories. For example, if you’ve purchased a hip new pair of Yeezy Zebra shoes, half of your wardrobe is taken care of. All you need is a pair of jeans and a plain white shirt or a hoodie. Throwing on a little jewelry, a beanie, or a ball cap can take the look a step further.

Take some time to shop for some shoes and accessories you love. You’ll find that this step alone can enhance just about any wardrobe item you choose.

When you decide it’s time for a fresh wardrobe, it can be tempting to run out haphazardly and purchase anything that looks good at the moment. However, if you take the time to follow these steps, it can help ensure you’re not desperate for a new wardrobe again in just a few months.