How To Own Character Drawing For Kids Through Peck Drawing

Drawing for kids

Drawing for kids

We have a special day of learning drawing for kids to draw the peak. Does anyone know what an animator is? An animator is someone who draws and then makes those drawings move. So I going to teach you how to draw one of our favorite Peck.

We need a piece of paper

Before we get starting, let me show you a few things that you’ll need. Okay, friends. First, you will need paper. You will also need a black marker or pen. Just a black pen. And you will need three colors of crayons or pencils, or markers, whatever you want to use.

So the colors that you will need are teal, which is like a green or greenish-blue. So you can use green or blue as well as yellow and orange. If you want to pause and go run and grab those so that you can draw with my friend Peck that would be great. And then when you come back, let’s go to the art room and start some drawing for kids.

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Peck is a character with a lot of energy

So we’re going to try and bring that same Peck energy when we draw him today. The first thing I want to do before we even start is warm up our hands. I like to get them ready to go and ready to make some great drawing for kids before I even start.

Are your hands warmed up and ready to go?

Let’s get to drawing for kids peck. So today we’re not going to draw all of Peck. We’re just going to draw his face. So the first thing we’re going to do is start off with a circle. You’ve drawn a lot of circles and I’ve drawn a lot of circles too, but sometimes they’re hard to get right, so we’re going to try our best.

I’m going to go in the middle of the page and I’m going to draw a big circle. Make sure to make it nice and big ’cause that’s going to be his face. How did yours turn out? That’s mine. It’s looking pretty good. Let’s keep going. The next thing we want to do on his face is his feathers. You see how he’s got some yellow feathers here and the rest of his feathers are blue? It almost looks like a little mask around his face. And that’s the next thing we want to draw.

Draw the V shape

So, first, I want you to not, to watch what I’m doing. And wait till I’m done before you try it. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take a line from here down to here. And from here all the way back up to here. It almost looks a little bit like a v shape. If you know the letter v, that’s kind of what it looks like.

A flat v shape. Anything above the WE is going to be yellow.

Anything below we is going to be blue. All right, perfect. The next step is actually going to be the most challenging, which means the hardest part about drawing for kids Peck. But it’s also the most fun. Remember how he’s got that big smile? That’s what we’re going to do next, we’re going to work on his beak. So there are a few steps, here how we’re going to start.

Work on Peak Beak

We’re going to take our marker, and I’m sort of starting right here in the middle of the circle. I’m going to draw a line from here all the way out here. This is the top of his beak. Once you’re done with that, you’re going to take another line from the tip of his beak here all the way back over here. All right, the next step is drawing his smile. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take a line and draw it in the middle of his beak, and it’s going to curve up a little bit at the end ’cause it’s a smile.

Drawing for kids a line all the way down, I’m going to have it curve at the end. And here, for the next part, I’m going to bring it a little bit closer so we can all see. But I’m going to connect these lines. So first I’m going to take a line from the top of the beak down here, and then from here all the way back down. Now that’s really looking like a beak.

What’s next?

Let’s take a look. Let’s do his eyes. So his eyes are two circles. Remember the big circle we did at the beginning? We’re going to do two more of those great circles right here above the beak for his eyes. So here we go. I get a little nacreous when I draw eyes ’cause I want them to look really good. So I’m going to practice my circles down here, get my hands ready to draw circles. Okay, I think my hand’s ready, here I go. Wish me luck. Here’s one circle. And here’s the other circle. Okay. I was nervous but they came out looking pretty good.

Draw the pupils inside the eye

Now what I have to do is draw the pupils inside the eye. So I’m going to draw two smaller circles in the big circles. Here’s one. And two. There we go. No Peck is looking that way. Perfect. Wow, I’m really happy with how this is looking. Now the last thing I have to do is, of course, draw all these crazy hair feathers right here. It wouldn’t be Peck without them. So here’s what I’m going to do. First, let’s count the poufs. It looks like he’s got one pouffe here. Two pouffes. Three pouffes. Four poufs. Five poufs. Okay, that’s a lot to remember, but let’s give this a shot.

Count Poufs

I’m going to start with my marker right here above his eyes. Right at the top of his head. And then I’m going to count the poufs. I’m going to do one pouf. Okay. Two poufs. All right. Three poufs. Four poufs. Five poufs. And there we go, there’s his silly hair. Let’s look again at our picture of Peck. And we said he’s got blue feathers, so I got some blue.

Coloring the Feathers

He’s got some yellow feathers, so I got some yellow. And the last color we need is orange. It looks like his beak and his hair feathers are both the same orange. So all we need are these three colors. I’m going to start with yellow. Remember, anything above the WE is going to be yellow. And I’ll try my best to stay in the lines. Sometimes, coloring takes a lot of patience. Perfect. His yellow feathers are done. I’m going to do blue feathers. That’s everything below the US. What do why think? It’s looking pretty good and beautiful, let’s keep going.

Now that his feathers are done, I think it’s time to work on the beak. I’m going to get my orange color for that. And the good news is I can use the same orange to work on his hair, so that’s what I’m going to do next. All right. Wow, I love how this looks. I can’t wait to see you. – Wow, we all did such wonderful drawings of Peck. That was such a fun activity.Do you remember I said she’s an animator, so in addition to the drawing for kids, she also makes her drawings move, so let me show you this? It’s a post of Peck, and he loves to count, so he’s counting in this article. Friends, it’s time for us to say goodbye for now, but I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.