How Long Does It Take To Recover From Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a permanent solution for baldness. It just not only covers the bald areas but also delivers natural hair density within a few months. Overall its success rate is 80% but when we talk about Dubai it’s above 85%.

Since it’s a surgical procedure everyone gets scared of it. But In actuality, the majority isn’t even aware of its procedure. If you’re a victim of baldness and thinking to get a hair transplant I believe that you might be having queries regarding its recovery. As no one likes to have bed rest for a long period. But not to worry! This article will clear every single doubt regarding the recovery of hair transplant surgery. Keep reading for a better understanding. Hair transplant cost in Dubai

How long does it take to recover from hair transplant surgery?

Before we get into the details of this query, please be sure about what you want. Imagine yourself in the mirror and find out the changes you desire in your scalp. Discuss your every single fear with the doctor and let him know about your cosmetic goals along with previous surgeries you had in the past. Based on such facts he would advise you on the technique whether it can be FUE and FUT. However, in severe cases of baldness when more hair grafts are required FUT is advised, otherwise, FUE is proposed.

Please note: FUE and FUT both have different recovery periods. 

Average recovery time of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant grasps the recovery period for 2-3 weeks. This is for FUT as stitches are involved in it. However, comparatively, FUE embraces quite a lesser time than this. Normally, one week would be enough for its recovery.

Though, every person is different, having diverse concerns. For that reason, the recovery period varies individually. Anyways, keep in mind the era of 3-4 weeks as the recovery phase, take off from work, and obey every single guideline from your doctor for rapid healing. Fortunately, at the end of this article, we’ve also covered the things that help in having a smooth and speedy recovery.

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What can I expect during my recovery period?

Word RECOVERY sounds too simple. But in actual it’s not. A person who goes through this only knows its concealed certainties. Pictures don’t tell the whole story. Here we’re going to let you know about every single anxiety you’ll be going to face in hair transplant recovery. Let’s take a closer look based on the timeline.

First week

Once the surgery is completed, you can go home on the same day or probably with a rest of one night at the hospital. During the first few days of hair transplant, swelling, bruising, itching, and mild pain is normal. Most likely, you’ll be advised to have some pain killers for this.

While having FUT there is a chance of bleeding as incisions are involved in it. For this anxiety, take rest by keeping your head elevated.  

After three weeks 

In the second week, you’ll be needing to come for sutures removal. However, this only happens when you go for FUT. Besides, sometimes doctors use absorbable stitches that do not require a post-session to remove them.

How long does it take to recover from hair transplant surgery? Three weeks would be enough?

After three weeks, you’ve recovered almost. Fortunately, there will be no pain and bruising on the scalp. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll be having a head full of hair. Keep showing patience for at least four months to see the transplanted hair. Most likely, they appear as black dots on the scalp.

Post-six months

At this stage, the scalp gets completely healed, and indeed! More than 60% of people have noticed hair growth in this era. But still, it’s necessary to wait for at least 12 months before you see the final consequences.

First Hair wash after transplant

Most doctors suggest having a shower by the third day of the procedure. But it’s not certain for everyone. Must wait for at least 5 days. But keep one thing in mind, you just need to handle your scalp carefully. Don’t put pressure on the area where follicles are implanted and also avoid hot showers and hair dryers.  

Most probably, your consultant would advise you of some guidelines for hair wash.

How to speed up recovery?

Whether you had a hair transplant by FUE or FUT, it’s vital to preserve a healthy lifestyle along with following some necessary precautions. Hence, you must not engage yourself in strenuous exercises and physical activities, let your scalp heal safely. In addition to that, consider some points that would help in smooth and speedy healing,

  1. Get post sessions frequently.
  2. Take every prescribed pain killer.
  3. Don’t apply the ice pack directly on transplanted hair grafts.
  4. Protect the scalp from dirt, pollution, and sun exposure by wearing a cap.
  5. To diminish swelling, keep your head elevated at a 45-degree angle.
  6. For productive scalp results, apply minoxidil on the follicles. It would help a lot in increasing blood flow.

By keeping all these things in mind, you can easily boost up your recovery period. Furthermore, in case of any discomfort, anxiety, or fear, visit your doctor so he can treat you accordingly.

Let’s conclude

Hair Transplant delivers excellent results with minimal recovery time. Normally, 3-4 weeks are more than enough for its healing whether it’s FUE or FUT. As results improve with each passing day.

Every year millions of people go for hair transplant and 80% of them gets satisfied. But please ensure the expertise of a doctor before you decide anything. In Dubai, Dynamic clinic is best for having a hair transplant, as they are holding a high success rate compared to the rest of the clinics.

How long does it take to recover from hair transplant surgery?

I hope that you’re not having any doubt regarding this query. As I’ve explained every single instance you’ll be going through in the recovery phase. For more details, visit the best consultant near you.