Can Hiring Med School Application Consultants Increase Your Chances of Admission

Med school admissions consulting

On paper, through applications, or in person, it’s getting increasingly difficult for a medical school applicant to stand out during interviews. With the number of candidates increasing each year and the degree of competition increasing, many successful students are seeking med school admissions consulting to guarantee they have the best chance of acceptance.

While numerous med school application consultants are available, students frequently ask how a consultant may help them boost their chances of acceptance and choose the right consultant for them.

Competition in medical school

Medical school is getting increasingly difficult, with admission chances as low as 1%, but what accounts for this high degree of competition? The fact that the number of candidates keeps rising year after year is part of the reason. According to the AAMC, there were almost 10,000 more applications to medical schools in the United States during the previous admissions cycle than there were in the prior cycle.

The AAMC estimates that between 42,600 and 121,300 doctors will be needed in the next ten years due to population increase, aging, and the retirement of older physicians. Thankfully, millennials are rising up to the plate, but there will be more competition for the few open positions with more applications. Getting into medical school will always be difficult, despite the expected shortages of doctors. There’s where med school consultants come into play. 

Every requirement of the admissions process is a test – whether it’s a personal statement, secondary essay, GPA, or MCAT scores, schools put their students through testing in order to ensure that they’ll be able to complete their courses, while being able to handle the physical and emotional demands that a professional physician may face. The process is designed to be demanding and challenging to prevent those who are unwilling to suffer the rigors involved in applying in the first place and aim to choose the best applicants.

Who is a medical school admissions consultant?

A medical school admissions consultant is someone who can assist you with your medical school application, personal statement, and references in order to improve your chances of admittance.

They will also train you to respond to the most popular medical school interview questions, MMI questions, and any other form of medical school interview question. Med school admissions consulting can also help you create your personal residency statement and go over the residency interview questions you need to know, increasing your chances of matching to your top choice residency program.

Who hires an admissions consultant for medical school?

  • Students with a poor GPA or a low MCAT score

Some students who hire a medical school consultant have a GPA and MCAT score that is average to low.

  • Students with a good to excellent GPA and MCAT score

Even students with a strong GPA and MCAT score seek the assistance of a medical school admissions expert. Medical schools are looking for well-rounded individuals; a good GPA and MCAT score alone will not guarantee admission.

  • Students that have omissions in their applications

There are also students who have apparent gaps in their application or who took a gap year before applying to medical school. For example, these students may lack volunteer or shadowing experience, or they may not have participated in any extracurricular activities.

Med school admissions consulting comes in handy in helping students who fall under this category.