Hair Problems: Common Reasons Causing Your Hair Fall

Hair Fall

When it comes to looks, a person’s hair is his or her pride. Healthy hair makes you look great and feel confident about your appearance. So, in some way or the other, we all are obsessed with our hair. We try different hairstyles and experiment with different hair products to make them more attractive. But it can lead to hair fall and in the worst-case scenario, complete or partial hair loss.

The main reason causing our hair fall is not knowing the fact that how often one should colour their hair or which hair products are suited to them. Over here we would point out some interesting reason which seems normal but can cause a deep impact.

The following are some of the common reason which lead to hair fall and if prolonged permanent hair loss. It will help you to rectify those mistakes.

Not Untangling Hair Before Taking Shower

After an exhausting day at work, one can only think about is getting a quick shower. And at times like that women go straight into the shower and without even considering to comb their hair. This is one of the common mistakes to make. We all know the fact that wet hair is more susceptible to breakage. And by not untangling them before a shower can create the worst scenario. The best way to follow is by using a wide-toothed comb and combing your hair before taking a shower. This will minimize the knots after a shower and as a result less hair fall.

Frequency of Washing the Hair

While growing up, many us wouldn’t have known the fact that washing your hair daily can weaken its roots and can result in excessive hair fall in the long run. We hold a misconception that it is important to wash your hair daily with shampoo to clean off the dirt. But regular hair wash can affect the volume of natural oils on our scalp and soon our hair starts looking dull and lifeless. So, limit the use of shampoo to twice or thrice a week. And if you want to wash your hair in between, use simple water. It will help to clean that dirt and will keep those natural oils intact.

Choosing the Right Hair Product

The majority of our decisions are influenced by the commercials we see on TV, websites, and other mediums. Due to which both men and women buy products without thinking about its result. We often cloud our judgement with these endorsements and attractive packaging and ignore what suits our hair. Be wise and select those hair products which are good for your hair as well as your scalp. Just avoid any hair product containing sulphates or parabens. They can damage your scalp and can also irritate your skin as well as your eyes. Know your hair type and select the hair products which suit them the best. Try to use simple ways to style your hair with a blow dryer and other products.

Not Using Conditioner

This is one of the most commonly heard reasons for the hair fall. By not using a conditioner after shampooing your hair can lead to excessive dryness and thinning of hair. As our natural oils are washed off after shampooing, we need some conditioner for our hair till those natural oils are replenished. So, select the right conditioner for your hair type and use it after every hair wash. While using it, don’t indulge yourself in applying more conditioner, a small amount is sufficient for hair care. So, keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts:

Healthy hair makes our personality and to maintain that, we need to follow a proper hair care regime. But in case you have lost a good amount of hair and need a solution, then you can always go for hair extensions. There many types of hair extensions available in the market which look natural and can suit your style. By making small changes in your lifestyle you can preserve your hair and make them healthy.