Fun Ways To Get in On the Unicorn Craze

unicorn toys and accessories

Every generation of children has their own monster or creature that takes the world by storm. Whether that is E.T and the Ninja Turtles in the 80s, Pokemon in the 90s or even nowadays, with a noticeable boom in the popularity of unicorns. With so many things available in various stores, it is little surprise that this craze has become bigger as time has work on. But how you get in on the craze yourself?

Go on a shopping spree

If you look carefully around most stores, you will be met with a vast array of unicorn items that adorn the shelves of many a retailer. With so many young girls wanting to be princesses, the unicorn craze offers the perfect opportunity to make them feel exactly like one, even if the real thing is impossible to come by. Being able to dress in unicorn emblazoned clothes and even have their own ‘pet’ unicorn in the shape of toys and stuffed animals. It might not seem like much but even little touches like this can help any child to be creative and imaginative. There is no two ways about it, unicorns are here to stay and there is very little that can be done about it. 

As with any craze, there are so many different options for people to collect or see. Whether it is unicorn toys and accessories that you are searching for or varieties of clothing and upholstery, there is something for everyone to collect when it comes to unicorns. There is even bedding in abundance so that every inch of your child’s bedroom or even your home, can be decorated wall to wall with unicorns in some form. There is nothing wrong with that, as every child has their obsession and interest. Rather unsurprisingly, the current unicorn craze fits right in on that basis, giving kids something to latch on to and focus on. 

Get creative

It is not just clothing and toys that have seen a drastic rise since the popularity boom of unicorns. In fact, there has been a considerable amount of baking that has gone alongside it, with rainbow colors in both icings and even the sponge itself to give it that magical feel. Even bigger brands like Mr. Kipling have got in on the act with unicorn slices being added to their cakes, whilst other companies have their own bigger Unicorn birthday cakes. Just with this in mind, it shows how the unicorn craze has permeated so many different aspects of modern life. 

As a final idea, you could always go to your local hardware store to see if there are any wallpapers or paint that you can use to decorate a child’s room to seem like a unicorn sanctuary.  Bedding, pillows, even curtains can be changed to give that sense of magic to their room. By embracing it you can help to encourage the idea of imagination and make the room a place where any child might sit and start to feel as if their dreams might be able to come true.