Fun and Engaging Activities to Inspire Kids to Write

Fun and Engaging Activities to Inspire Kids to Write

Writing is a fundamental skill that children need to learn as they grow up. However, getting kids to write more can be challenging, especially if they find it boring and would rather be doing something more fun like playing a video game. Writing is a creative activity, and the good news is that children can have fun while learning to write or improve their writing skills. As a parent or teacher, there are plenty of fun, engaging activities that you can use to inspire kids to write more. Keep reading to find out more about some of the best activities to help your child or students improve their writing skills. 


Journaling is a fun way to encourage kids to write more. Give each child a notebook and encourage them to write in it each day. To make it even more fun, you may want to consider picking out a fun and colorful notebook that they like or even getting some crafting supplies to design their own. In their journal, the child can write about their day, dreams, feelings, and anything else they like. Along with helping kids develop and improve their writing skills, journaling can also be excellent for helping kids develop their self-awareness and self-expression. 


Kids love to tell stories, which is why storytelling is often included in 4th grade writing activities for students. Telling stories is an excellent way to encourage kids to write more. Encourage your child to write their stories and share them with others. This might include telling stories of things that they have experienced personally or making up stories. They can come up with their own ideas or you can provide them with writing prompts to help them get started. When it comes to storytelling, encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity to come up with interesting plots and characters. 

Writing Games 

Games are always a fun way to help kids learn, and this is certainly true when it comes to writing. There are plenty of writing games that you can play with kids to help them have more fun with improving their skills. For example, ‘Story Dice’ is a fun game where kids roll a die with a picture on it, and then use the pictures that it lands on to tell a story. ‘Sentence Builder’ is another fun and entertaining game to play, where each child takes turns adding a new sentence to a story, with the main goal of having a complete story by the end of the game. 

Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts can be a great way to get kids to write. Provide them with a prompt and have them write a story based on it. For example, you could ask them to ‘write a story about a talking pet’ or ‘write a story about a magical castle’. If you’re stuck for ideas, a quick online search can bring up several creative writing prompts that you might find helpful. 

Letter Writing

In the age of the internet, letter writing is certainly not done as much as it once was. However, writing letters can be a fun way to encourage kids to write more, and teaches them valuable communication skills. Encourage kids to write letters to family members, especially older relatives like grandparents who are likely to really appreciate receiving a letter in the mail. Another great way to encourage kids to write letters is to sign up for a pen pal scheme. Plenty of schemes run around the world allowing kids to befriend children in other countries, for example, which is also a great way to help them learn more about different cultures and traditions. 

Comic Strip Writing

With comic strip writing, you can encourage children to write more while developing their creative and artistic skills. Encourage kids to come up with their own comic strips including characters and a storyline. Add dialogue with speech bubbles. 

Writing Contests

Turning it into a friendly competition can be another fun way to get kids excited about writing. If you are a teacher, you can organize a writing contest in your classroom or as part of an after-school activity. Consider setting a theme for the contest and encouraging kids to submit their stories. Encourage participation by offering a prize to the winners. 

Collaborative Writing

Collaborative writing is another fun and effective way to encourage kids to write while teaching them valuable teamwork skills. With collaborative writing, kids work together to come up with and write a story. They can do it together and take turns in writing or take turns in adding to the story. It’s a great way for kids to flex their imaginations to create interesting plots and characters. 

Visual Aids

Many kids are visual learners, so using visual aids can be an ideal way to inspire them to write more. Providing children with photos, drawings, or videos and asking them to write a story based on what they see can be a great way to get their creativity and imagination going. Visual aids can be especially helpful for kids who might otherwise struggle to come up with their own ideas, and they can help with developing observation and critical thinking skills. 

Writing and Performing Skits

Skits are a fun and engaging activity to inspire kids to write more. Encourage kids to come up with a skit by working together in a group. Along with writing the script, they also get to create characters and design costumes and props for a fun and engaging activity. Once the skit is complete, they can perform it for their classmates or family members. Not only is this a great activity for improving writing skills, but it can also help kids develop better acting and public speaking skills while boosting their confidence. 

Writing is an essential skill for kids to learn – but many kids don’t find it fun. If this is the case with your children or students, try out some of these fun and engaging writing activities to show them just how much fun writing can be.