Everything You Should Know Before Botox Injection in Dubai

Everything you Should know before botox injection in Dubai

Botox is a muscle relaxer, a safe and effective product that refreshes the skin for younger looks. Not only the beauty concerns, but it’s also endorsed for some medical scenarios like migraines, excessive sweating, muscle pains, and many more.

The fight against ageing isn’t hidden. Whereas most of us prefer treatments like lasers or peeling. But no one can deny the best results of Botox. Believe it or not, Botox injections are a great choice to trigger growing ageing flaws. We certainly cannot stop them but slowing down the progress is possible. Every year millions of people opt for this and say, they don’t regret Botox but somehow wanted to know a few facts before this procedure. To clarify this concern earlier, we have written this article for you. 

Everything you should know before Botox Injections in Dubai is covered in it. However there is no doubt that Dubai is the leading provider of the best Botox in the world but you still need to be aware of some aspects before having this procedure. Please check out.

Everything you Should know before botox injection in Dubai

Find Botox Need

While it doesn’t seem like Botox is only for aged people. Some individuals develop wrinkles at an early age and look for anti-aging solutions. Considerably the ones who are in their twenties or thirties will need less Botox product than the ones who have crossed their forties.

In some means, getting Botox earlier has been found ideal. As it tackles the disturbing muscle prior and prevents the future formation of fine lines and sagginess of the skin.

First-time consultation is important 

Imagine you have to choose one treatment, what would it be? Even if it’s a Botox, still trying a new change in the face can be overwhelming. In this matter, detailed consultation with a doctor can definitely help. Of course, you need to inform your doctor about every fear so he/she can identify what is good for you and also the terms and conditions you must perceive before a few days of the procedure.

You can get this even lunch break

If sparing time for Botox is becoming challenging for you, know that Botox Injections can be done in even 15 minutes. There is no need to take a break from daily routine however assuming in any severe case, it may keep going longer. Though, this is very rare. Most likely you can get enough in a maximum of one hour, not more than this.

It’s temporary

There are always some people who assume one Botox injection as lifetime relief. The fact behind this matter is that Botox lasts for a maximum of 3-4 months, not more than this. Overtime botulinum toxin gets metabolized by the body and its effects get disappeared. For instance, if you don’t like its results then you can get a certain benefit in this way.

While covering, “Everything you should know before Botox Injections in Dubai” how can we miss the details of its results! Let’s proceed.

Be patient for results

Expecting the instant results from Botox seems like total nonsense. The actual difference in facial looks would require seven days or maybe more than this. However, once Botox starts working, you may find yourself confident, attractive, and beautiful than before.

Don’t think that Botox is only for celebrities. It has become so much popular in Dubai even for those who’re under 30. Such individuals take this as a preventative measure to avoid fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess of skin in the future.

Extremely safe only when done correctly 

The idea of going under the needle is found risky for most people. Rest assured, Botox is FDA- approved but still some inexpert doctors don’t know the correct dose and injection mechanism. This way, there is the possibility of undesirable consequences. This is why we consider Botox safe when it’s in skilled hands.

Most often, the best dermatologists advise having frequent check-up sittings to ensure whether Botox is working correctly or not. And also to take out the fear of any complicated happenings.

Aftercare is the key!

Botox doesn’t claim for a long recovery period. In short, it has no downtime but some guidelines need to be followed for at least the first 24 hours. For sure everyone is having some image in their mind regarding Botox. Just remember one thing. Aftercare is the key to the best Botox results. Stick to the doctor’s every single instruction to enjoy optimal comfort from Botox.

The neurotoxin and botulinum toxin is injected into the muscle which requires some time for settling. During this phase don’t use makeup products, avoid unnecessary face touching, and also the physical activities. Typically doctors suggest eluding straight lying.

Also, don’t fly for several hours after Botox.


I’ve covered every aspect regarding “Everything you should know before Botox Injections in Dubai”. Still, if you wish to know more, please visit the nearest consultant.