Easy Quick 50’s Poodle Skirt

Easy Quick 50’s Poodle Skirt

Momma I need 5o’s clothes tomorrow”, this is the bomb I got at bedtime last night from my little one.

Oh great, I do have a costume but it is in storage and it is night time…Well I can craft this one I am sure.

I turned to the trusty computer and looked up images of a poodle. Lucky for me there were allot to see. So I just adapted a few and free hand drew it with a marker on a white piece of material. You could however if you have a printer print it out first then trace it and use that as a guide. To add a simple leash use some ribbon. I attached it all to a fancy skirt she had in the closet with double sided tape. DONE.

If I had time I think it would have been cute to embellish it with glitter paint or something like that. I really think this would have been a good project for her to help on. She could have painted it with fabric paint or even cheap acrylic, added some glitter glue or paint and some rhinestones to bling it up a bit. In the end she still loved it and was happy to have a poodle skirt.

To finish the look add a white color button up shirt (thanks school uniform she has to wear anyways), sweater (in the pic she has it half hanging off-oh well) and a scarf either on a high ponytail or around the neck ( my kiddo hates anything around her neck tight so she opted for her hair).